Challenge day 3: The perfect spring purse

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When: Wednesday January 13, 2010

Purple top: Panama
Jean skirt: Christmas present
Pink wedges: Stevens (Panama)
Floral purse: borrowed from my mom
Jewelry: Felix (Panama)

Where: Today I worked on a secret craft that I am almost finished with, stay tuned to see what it is!

For today's NYC Gift Challenge, I was inspired by the box of chocolates my friend brought me from NYC. To be more specific, I was inspired by one of the several pictures that had a beautiful purple and pink sky.
Jan 13 (9)
Having this purple and pink color combo in mind, this is the outfit I came up with! I love the shape of this top and the fact that it shows off my shoulders. I also loooooove this purse I borrowed from my mom because it just seems to be the most perfect spring purse. I love the pattern and the colors, its just one of those items that make me smile :)

Here is another way in which I've worn this purse:
01 Jan 13

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  1. i love the colours in both the wedges and the peasant top! you have such a great eye for vibrant pieces!


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