2009 was so "Happy"! (Outfit)

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When: Thursday December 31, 2009

Black & White dress: I've had it since I was 15 :)
Black stilletos: Panama
Red purse: Panama
Red crystal necklace: Swarovski
Red floral hair accesory: Forever XXI

Where: Dinner and celebration of New Years at my sister's apartment

I was asked today: if you could describe the year 2009 in one word, what would it be? My answer is most definitely "Happy". This has probably been one of the happiest years of my life. Although I miss my family so dearly when I am in the U.S., I feel I have grown so much this year. I am much more comfortable in my skin and living in the U.S. has made me appreciate my family so much more. I really have no complaints regarding my life, everything is just perfect as it is.
Dec 31 (10)
So in honor of such a special and happy day, I decided to play dress up! yaaaii! Who doesn't like to dress up? Well, at least I do! This black and white dress actually has some nice feelings attached to it. I really LOVED this dress when I saw it in a store when I was 14 years old, but it was too expensive to buy at that moment. I was very dissapointed that I didn't get the dress.

Then about half a year later, I went back to the store having completely forgotten about the existance of this dress. Then suddenly, it was there, in my size, and on a super sale! I couldn't believe it! It really showed me a lesson: Things happen for a reason. I learned the importance of being patient and trusting that everything is going to be alright.
Dec 31 (12)
I hope you all had a wonderful New Years eve! I would love to hear how it went, so feel free to leave a comment or send an email to thejoyoffashion @ hotmail.com!

Here is another way in which I've worn this awesome stilletos:
12 Dec 31

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