2009 was "Happy"! (Activities)

Dec 31 (13)
As I said in the last post, this year was probably one of the happiest years of my life. I am truly blessed with the most wonderful and supportive family. On top of that, I am happy being who I am, I have few but good friends, a wonderful boyfriend, etc. What more could I ask for?
Dec 31 (25)
To be honest, me and my family usually don't celebrate New Years. So it was really extra special that this year the entire family was able to get together to celebrate (with the exception of my brother living in Spain who we all missed dearly).

My sister was the hostess of this party, and she did such a wonderful job! She had the coolest decorations and her dinner was delicious.
Dec 31 (14)
We all wore the coolest things at the party. Many of us wore awesome 2010 sunglasses:
Dec 31 (17)
Dec 31 (18)
The girls got an extra special treat other than the sunglasses: Feather Boas! It was so chic and glamourous!
Dec 31 (22)
Of course, having feather boas led us to make jokes and funny faces... well to be honest, in my family everything causes jokes and funny faces... jejeje.
Dec 31 (23)
Dec 31 (24)
jajaja, now you know where my silliness comes from!

The pets also joined in this New Years celebration by running around making noise and playing with little toys:
Dec 31 (20)
Dec 31 (19)
Dec 31 (21)

We also played several games my sister invented regarding special events that have happened throughout the year. One of the games involved us saying nice things about each person in our family as well as saying our favorite things about the 2009 year. It was truly a bonding experience for my family and I was really touched by all the sweet things my family said about me and each other.

We watched the ball go down in NYC on our tv to build up in the excitement. Once it was 12:00, we all blew our whistles and made lots of noise... it was fun :)
Dec 31 (26)
It was the most wonderful New Years! In terms of my new years resolutions, well here you have them:
Dec 31 (27)

jajaja, ok thats not true! Those are just the hilarious napkins my sister had at the party. I am still thinking about my New Years resolutions, but these are the ones I have for now:
  • Be healthier by cooking healthier meals and doing some type of exercise at least twice a week.
  • Read about one book every two months
  • Take advantage of my last year of college to create new and beautiful memories such as visiting NYC or Washington D.C.
  • Go to mass every Sunday
  • Graduate as Magnum Kum Laude (with honors I mean)
  • Continue and improve my blog.
Dec 31 (15)
These are my goals for now, but I am sure I will think of new ones later. I just want to thank all of you for making this end of year wonderful by reading and commenting on my blog. I really appreciate all the beautiful words you have written and all of your support. Thanks so much!
Dec 31 (16)

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