Challenge day 6: Port of Balboa

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Saturday January 16, 2010


Stripped top: As old as they come, I have no idea when or where I got it :)

Royal blue jacket: Forever XXI

White skirt: Christmas present :)

Brown wedges: Panama

Brown purse: Borrowed from my mom

Brown belt: present from my parents

Where: Drove up to our house in the mountain countryside... so relaxing over there!

For the 6th day of the NYC Gift Challenge, I was inspired by the lollipop my friend brought me from New York:
Jan 10 (12)
I was inspired by the red and white stripes to try to make an outfit with this red, white, and blue stripped top that I have had since I can remember. I really like how it turned out since it has a nautical feel to it!
Jan 17 (12)
On the way to our house in the countryside, we decided to stop by this area where we took great pictures of the "Port of Balboa". Here is where the ships unload merchandise and containers. I managed to take a picture of the port with a hawk and everything! I was lucky!
Jan 17 (8)
My dad also managed to take a picture of the end of a really big ship that was passing under the "Bridge of the Americas" leading to the entrance of the Panama Canal on the Pacific side:
Jan 17 (10)
I also took a pic with this interesting Chinese sculpture... its so fun to take pictures with everything!... jajaja
Jan 17 (11)
It was a wonderful day and I had a blast taking pictures with my parents. Its truly wonderful to spend time one's family, wouldn't you agree?
Jan 17 (9)
Here is another way in which I've worn this stripped top:
01 Jan 17

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