Always difficult to say goodbye

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When: Thursday January 21, 2010

White collar shirt: Christmas present (Panama)
Grey jacket: Forever XXI
Patterned skirt: Christmas present (Panama)
Black tights: Target
Red boots: My boyfriend ordered them for Christmas
Black Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Max

Where: Traveling from Panama to the U.S. for my last year of college studies.

Today I traveled from Panama to the U.S. to start my last year of college studies. I have been DYING to wear these red boots my boyfriend gave me for Christmas, so I was sooo happy to be able to wear them today. I really like this traveling look because it looks chic but it is also very comfy.
Jan 21 (8)
As I looked out of my window in the airplane, I couldn't help but think about how difficult it is to say goodbye to my family and my life at home. My parents, brothers & sister, and my friends are left behind at my home country.

But the second a ounce of sadness tries to take over me, I think of all the wonderful things I will be experiencing this year. I am excited to create beautiful and wonderful memories in this last year of college, so I am happy!

So then I looked out of my window once more and saw a beautiful sunset, and this time I smiled :)

Here are other ways in which I've worn this grey jacket:
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  1. It definitely is always sad to leaving family and loved ones.. Good luck with your last year though. :) Have fun and make it count... btw, where do you go to school in the U.S.?? :)

    Love & Aloha,

  2. Weeezie! We will miss you dearly! It was wonderful having you here with us to share such special moments over the holidays.

    But you are right, this is your last year of college and I'm so glad that you are looking forward to creating even more great memories to look back on. We love you very much and you will always be in our hearts!

    Btw, love the traveling outfit. I'm guessing that I will make one the same for my trip this coming week. So excited!!

  3. Wishing you safe travels! You look super chic even for being on a plane. Well done.

  4. i miss my parents everyday! cherish them, as time flys by. your skirt is faboo! it reminds me of jessica's -what i wore- a few days back! safe travels and welcome home :) *reva

  5. Great boots! Love all the red in this outfit!


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