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When: Tuesday January 5, 2010

Floral dress: Estampa (Panama)
Blue jacket: Christmas Present (Panama)
Beige shoes: Stevens (Panama)
Tommy Hilfiger purse: Borrowed from my mom :)
Accesories: Panama

Where: Lunch with my family, shopping with my mom, movies with my boyfriend, and bowling with some friends

Today was such a busy but fun day! I love it when my entire day is full of fun activities! When my mom and I where shopping, we came upon some ADORABLE Christmas decorations!! What could be the cutest Christmas decorations that appeal to my taste? You guessed it! Adorable gingerbread houses!!! Yaaaiii!!!
Jan 05 (7)
Seeing things like that make me so happy!! Really brigthens my day :)
Jan 05 (8)
There also was an ADORABLE Gingerbread train with a banana split cart... adorable!!!
I really wanted to wear something crisp and fresh, so this is what I came up with! I wore an outfit with this dress last year that became one of my favorites of the entire year. Then I created this outfit and I can tell it will be one of my favorites of this year too. For some reason, this dress makes me feel so feminine, fresh, and full of joy. I love it!

Here is the outfit I made with this dress last year:
01 Jan 05

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  1. Hope you're having a fun trip! That turquoise color is gorgeous on you - Natalya of Wear Necessities

  2. Very pretty, you always look so ladylike!
    The little gingerbread village is the sweetest!

  3. Both looks are lovely, Marie. I love the latter, thouhg: it's very fifties, very "MadMen" and so cute on you!

    I'll keep an eye on your style: I'm defenitly a follower.

    Hello from Barcelona,


  4. what an adorable gingerbread house! i love that it's life size lol!:D loving the blues in ur outfit:)


  5. You look so lovely, lady! That little shrug sweater is so chic.

  6. Love the colors you have going on here. Great photos! The rocky beach in the background is so pretty!

  7. You couldn´t have said it better...¨this dress makes me feel so feminine, fresh, and full of joy.¨ When you showed up for lunch that day you beamed with all 3. dad


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