Challenge day 7: Colorful Guacamayas

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Sunday January 17, 2010


Floral dress: Panama

Yellow jacket: Christmas present from my parents

Beige wedges: Stevens (Panama)
Beige Tommy Hilfiger purse: borrowed from my mom


A restful and relaxing day at our house in the countryside. I am also working on a new project (yeah I know, I have too many projects going on! jeje)


For the final day of the NYC Gift Challenge, I was inspired by the star shaped candy container my friend brought me from New York:

Jan 14 (10)
I was specifically inspired by the color yellow of this star. To be honest, I seldom wear yellow because I feel it doesn't look good with my pale skin color. So for today, I challenged myself to make an outfit with this shade of yellow and I am so happy with the results!
Jan 18 (13)
I hope this challenge has helped all of you see that one can be inspired truly by anything when it comes to making outfits. So give it a try, get inspired by your surroundings! It really leads to some creative outfits!
Jan 10 (10)
For today's adventure on where to take pretty pictures, me and my parents got to see such lovely things from this area. We saw beautiful mountains and vegetation, its truly inspiring.
Jan 18 (9)
We also saw cute duckies!!! I looooove looking at them and following them saying: cuac cuac cuac!! jajaja yeah I know I am very silly, but its fun!
Jan 18 (10)
Aside from the duckies, we also saw these beautiful colorful Guacamayas. These birds have been here since I was very young, and I remember that my dad and I would love to come visit them all the time.
Jan 18 (11)
I personally love all the colors in this bird, they are so bright and happy looking! They really could brighten up anyone's day :)
Jan 18 (12)
We also took pictures with a cool cactus that was around the area.
Jan 18 (14)
And last but not least, I also got a snap with these awesome bamboo trees we saw in the same area.
Jan 18 (15)
It was a wonderful adventure with my parents! That mountain area is so beautiful and relaxing, I just love it!

Here are the other ways in which I've worn this purse:

01 Jan 18 (2)01 Jan 18 (3)
01 Jan 18

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  1. You look so nice in all this pics. The 1st pic is interesting also in how the dress fills out so nicely from your waste down. The pics of you next to the bouganvilla plants are interesting in that their pink color combine nicely with your lipstick. jgm

  2. Yeah..I have to say, you look like a doll, so beautiful and lovely!! Congrats on your blog, I really like your outfits!


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