Is it a dress or a skirt? who knows :)

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When: Wednesday January 06, 2010

Floral dress: Madisson (Panama)
Pink jacket: Christmas present from my parents :)
Beige shoes: Stevens (Panama)
Green purse: borrowed from my mom
Green accesories: Panama

Where: Went to the movies to watch Avatar... its good! :)

This is the first time I wear this floral dress/skirt as a dress. I am not quite sure if its supposed to be a dress or skirt, but I like it either way :) I decided to pair it with this long sleeve pink jacket to add some color and to keep myself warm in the movie theatre. I also added the green purse for a pop of color. I feel the colors work beautifully together:
Jan 06 (9)

Today I went to see Avatar. I don't usually comment on the movies I watch, but I really did enjoy this one! I think it was full of creativity and beautiful shots. Has anyone else seen it?

Here is another way in which I've worn this floral dress/skirt:
01 Jan 06

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  1. definitely both:D don't u just love versatile pieces like these? i love the print of ur skirt/dress:) i just saw avatar, too. i agree, it was quite good and beautiful:D

  2. Very pretty! I bought a skirt yesterday that I wish I could make into a dress. Maybe I'll have to try it!

  3. It looks simply fantastic as a dress.

  4. I love your dress! I love when I can wear dresses as skirts!

  5. The pink jacket sure adds to & compliments the dress. And the green purse sure balances it out with a pop. jgm

  6. I love this color combo the bright pink with the green. The pattern on this skirt is so great as well.


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