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When: Thursday January 7, 2010

Turquoise top: Present from a friend
Floral skirt: El Costo (Panama)
Off white belt: Present from my parents
White stilettos: Panama
Mustard purse: borrowed from my mom

Where: Chinese breakfast with my best friend, shopping with my mom (always wonderful!), and out to a club with my friends

Since I was going out with my best friend this morning, I decided to make an outfit around this turquoise top she gave me last year. To be honest, its the first time I wear it since I dont generally wear things with ruffles. I dunno why but something about this made me have a pirate feeling (not that its bad or anything like that), jejeje. But I feel that I mixed it up to my liking and I was happy in today's outfit! What do you think of ruffles?

Here are other ways in which I've worn this floral skirt:
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  1. I love today's outfit! It makes you look so sophisticated. The color combo is great! I like ruffles, since I think they make you look feminine and elegant... not pirate-like at all, girlfriend!

  2. I guess you are right I haven´t seen you in ruffles but Annie is also right it looks nice on you. As I went thru the pics I got a kick out of seeing the bracelet and earings combined with your pop mustard purse. Perhaps it was good timing to wear this pirate outfit since you are in the Caribbean right now! jgm

  3. What a funny pun on words.... A pirate in the Caribbean. Sometimes it is good to go out of our comfort zone in outfits and try out new looks. It was nice of you to use your friend's present even though it would not be your choice of top. The ruffles do give you a totally different look.


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