Challenge day 2: Our own little paradise

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When: Saturday January 2, 2010

Blue top: Christmas present from my parents (Panama)
White skirt: Christmas present from my parents (Panama)
Black Nine West belt: TJ Max
Black & White stripped shoes: Panama
Black Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Max
Gold heart necklace: Forever XXI

Half the day at my family's house in the "mountains" and half the day with my boyfriend and his family at the beach

For the second day of this challenge, I decided to pair this really pretty blue top my parents gave me for Christmas with this oh-so-versatile white skirt (2 + 5 + set 1). I can tell that I will get a whole lot of use out of this skirt! yai!
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As I said yesterday, my family's house in the mountain areas is just wonderful. In fact, I really consider it our own little paradise. Starting with the weather being so cool and windy, its just the perfect weather!
Jan 02 (16)
What is also wonderful is that our house is in the center of our property and its surrounded by lots of trees and flowers, as well as a river with a bridge! Its so inspiring to look out of the window to see beautiful trees and flowers.
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I also love that the land holds a lot of different "adventures". When I go there, I always love to simply walk around the big land to see what treasures I find. I always find so much happiness in such small things as seeing a pretty bird or discovering beautiful flowers.
Jan 02 (14)
The truth is that I really love going up there on the weekends. Its a perfect getaway to relax, sit back, and read a book. As my dad says: its a way of "recharging our batteries" from all the city life and the noise. Its truly our own little paradise.
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Here are the other ways in which I've worn these stripped wedges:

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  1. You look great! What a beautiful top! I love the detailing on the front. It looks nice and summery with the white skirt and striped shoes. The necklace and headband are pretty. Nice finishing touch!


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