Challenge day 3: Faking a white dress

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Jan 03 (2)
Jan 03 (3)
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When: Sunday January 3, 2009

White skirt: Panama
White tanktop: Panama
Jean Jacket: Panama
Brown wedges: Panama
Pink floral hair accessory: Forever XXI
Brown purse: Borrowed from my mom
Scarf and Accessories: Panama

Today I paired the white tanktop with the white skirt so it sorda looked like a white dress! I paired it with the jean jacket to give it a casual feeling. I also added the rainbow jewelry and scarf on the purse to give it that punch of color. What do you think, does it sorda look like a dress? jaja
Jan 1 (8)
Today my boyfriend and I just relaxed in the Spa, amongst other things. I got motivated and went to the gym in order to do a little of my "be healthier" new years resolution. I also went to see my boyfriend play tennis. It was a great and sunny day :)

Here are another ways in which I've worn this brown purse of my mom's:
01 Jan 03 (3)01 Jan 03 (2)
01 Jan 03

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