Disney Challenge day 7: Minnie Mouse

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March 7 (7)

When: Sunday March 7, 2010

Red dress: Madison (Panama)
White tee: Target
Patterned tights: Marshalls
Black booties: Payless Shoe Source
Yellow Nine West purse: TJ Max

Where: A special Oscars event hosted by my university with free prizes and free food :) . It was fun!

For the last day of my Disney Challenge, I thought it would be appropiate to dress as one of the symbols of Disney: Minnie Mouse! I know she wears a red polka dot dress, but I thought the white buttons on my dress made up for that! jajaja I also added patterned tights instead of just black ones in order to add interest to the outfit.
March 6 - Minnie Mouse (1)
I kept the same color palette: Red, white, yellow, and black, i just moved the colors around. For example, instead of yellow shoes, I decided that it would be cute to wear a yellow purse. I also tied a black bow belt to my waist to resemble the bow Minnie always wears in her hair.

I love how Minnie always looks so cute! So I tried to pose cute too (don't think it worked though, jeje):

March 7 (8)
So today was the last day of my Disney Challenge week (sad I know!). But don't worry, I will come up with new and exciting challenges to do. Do you have any suggestions on what challenges you would like to see?

Thanks for all the comments on this Disney week!! You have all been so supportive, so thanks! I hope all your dreams come true! (you know, its a Disney thing)
March 6 - Minnie Mouse (2)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this red dress:
03 March 7

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  1. That was real cute as a Minnie outfit. This was an exciting and fun week you created. That was also a cute last liner that you applied to this Disney week saying ¨I hope all your dreams come true¨. jgm

  2. I was wondering if you were going to do Minnie with that red dress. I know you dont like polka dots much so this dress with the white buttons is just perfect. It sure was fun this week seeing all the outfits you came up with for this challenge. I look forward to seeing future challenges and outfits.

  3. You look so great in red!
    This was a great challenge idea. I need to get more creative in my wardrobe challenges!!

  4. Love the Minnie look! So flippin' cute it's unbelievable. Just goes to show how awesome a great read dress can be for a girl's wardrobe, mouse or human.

  5. Where could I purchase this Dress?


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