Panama Challenge day 7: The famous Panama Canal

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When: Sunday March 21, 2010

Beige skirt: El Titan (Panama)
Striped top: ? (Panama)
Jean jacket: Saks (Panama)
Black belt: Christmas present from my parents
Black tights: Target
Red boots: Present from my boyfriend
Black Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Max

Where: Traveling back to the US after spring break... I'll miss home!

Since today is the last day of my Panama Challenge, I thought it would be best to finish off with probably the most important (and most obvious) characteristic of Panama: The Panama Canal. To go along with the theme, I thought it would be cute to make an outfit with a little nautical inspiration (hence the stripes, and red+blue color combo). I'm happy with what I came up with, plus it was super comfy to travel in!
March 21 (8)
Ok, back to the interesting fact about Panama. The Panama Canal, as I have mentioned before, is basically a ship canal that joins the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Since it allows ships to basically go through the canal and get to the other ocean quickly, it has become essential for international maritime trade.
In fact, the Panama Canal usually has a long line of ships waiting to get through... I guess it must be popular :)
March 21 (9)
The entrance to the Canal, as I have also mentioned before, is close to one of Panama's prettiest bridges: The Bridge of the Americas.
Right now, the Panama Canal is expanding and adding a third set of locks so that bigger ships can go through. Its really an interesting thing to see. In fact, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Panama Canal is the 7th wonder of the modern world! pretty cool huh?!
And that pretty much wraps up the Panama Challenge. I hope you all enjoyed reading the extremely long posts I made this week (sorry about that). I am happy to be able to share a little bit about my beloved country with all you wonderful readers. Thanks again for all the support :)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this striped top:
03 March 21

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  1. Cute outfit. Love the red boots. It was really interesting learning all about Panama.

  2. you did a real nice job with interesting comments each day about your home country. plus the outfits were wonderful. jgm

  3. This was fun and I enjoyed reading about Panama. If those red boots were mine, I'd probably wear them every day! :) Great traveling outfit.

  4. This was a great challenge! Love the boots, they work so well with the rest of the outfit!

  5. I love the red boots! Cute outfit.

    I enjoyed reading about different aspects of Panama. Great suggestion from your dad to split it up into different posts focusing on something different each day.

  6. You look wonderful, Marie. I especially like the red boots. Great Canal pictures. thanks for posting. Garrett

  7. So cute! I love your mix of basics; you make them look fun!


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