Panama Challenge day 1: Beautiful birds

March 15 (1)
March 15 (2)
March 15 (3)
March 15 (4)
March 15 (5)
March 15 (6)
March 15 (7)

When: Monday March 15, 2010

White top: Madison (Panama)
Green top (used as skirt): El Costo (Panama)
Yellow wedges: Stevens (Panama)
Yellow Xoxo purse: Xoxo (Panama)

Where: Shopping with my mom (extremely successful!) and dinner at my sister's place.

For the first day of my Panama Challenge, I decided to explore the topic of Panama's beautiful birds. I also decided to wear nice bright colors to go along with the theme of tropical and colorful birds. I like the bright colors in this outfit as well as this new cute headband I just bought for only $1!!
March 15 (8)
So, back to the challenge, today's interesting fact about Panama is that Panama is known worldwide for holding many world records for bird observation. In fact, Panama is estimated to have about 971 bird species which is more than USA and Canada combined!
March 15 (9)
I thought it would be interesting to just post a little pic or two of some really interesting birds that can be found here in Panama. The first I would like to mention is commonly known as the rainbow-billed Toucan. I loooove the colors of this bird!
I also think that it is interesting that Panama's national bird is the Harpy Eagle. This is the largest and most powerful raptor found in America, and it is among the largest living species of eagles in the world!
Doesn't it look cute with it's feathers all ruffled? :)
The last bird I wanted to mention is the Quetzal. These birds are absolutely beautiful with their colorful feathers and long tails.
So that was today's interesting fact about Panama. I hope that I kept the information interesting and appealing and that you are not all snoring by now! jejeje. Thanks for always stopping by and for reading about me and my country. I appreciate each and every one of you!

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this skirt:
03 March 15

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  1. Marie, you're such a cutie.

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. That skirt is way cute! I love items that can be worn more than one way.

    That's really cool about the birds of Panama. the Harpy Eagle's feather's are crazy! And the Toucan and Quetzal are soooo beautiful!

  3. your outfit sure looks happy and like from a tropical paradise which it is when you are here. dad

  4. mmmm, I'm going to enjoy the series! My studied abroad in Costa Rica in 1991 and has visited Panama ...

    And I love the floral headband, and the stripes on your skirt, and the embroidery on the blouse! Love it!

  5. what a fantastic little series! The birds are gorgeous, and a clear inspiration. Your outfit is perfect for warm weather fun.

    Looking forward to reading the next installments :o)

  6. Marie, your outfits always make me smile. You CLEARLY have such fun with fashion, and I love that!

  7. I just love the colours in your outfit, as always! The embroidery on your top is beautiful!

  8. Wow such gorgeous bright colours - I love it - and it's interesting to read about your home country - I look forward to the next installment :D

    CC xXx

  9. Just read the comment from your dad - how sweet :D

    Also forgot to say I love your headband - I like wearing headbands - but after a couple of hours they give me headache - do you find this?

    CC xXx

  10. What a fun challenge. You create such fun themes and great outfits.

  11. You look great. This is a really interesting challenge, I can't wait to learn more about Panama.

  12. Love this outfit to compliment talking about the birds of Panama. There is a place in the north of Panama where the weather is cooler called The Quetzales (can Google for it) where you can go observe the allusive quetzal bird. The lodge has many hummingbird feeders and sometimes you can see 8 to 10 different varieties of hummingbirds feeding at the same time. Panama is a bird watchers paradise. All the colors of your outfit really do remind you of the beak of the toucan. Totally amazing bird to see in the wild.


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