Indtroducing: The Signature Challenge

March 17 - Signature Challenge (2)
I know I have a lot of challenges going on at the same time and you must be confused at this point, but here me out! My mom is a wonderful signature artist. She designs and makes signature tags as a hobby, and she is very talented!
March 17 - Signature Challenge (1)
She has agreed to take on a challenge in which she will design a Signature for me on various special ocassions and holidays of the year. Then I will be posting the signature here so we can all appreciate together just how talented she is.
March 17 - Signature Challenge
Since I'm starting the challenge a little late in the year, I will post the signatures of the holidays or special ocassions we already missed. Here is an ADORABLE one she made for Valentine's day:
March 17 - Signature Challenge (3)
And a fun one she made to celebrate Spring break:
March 17 - Signature Challenge (4)
I'm really looking forward to seeing what my mom comes up with throughout the year!

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  1. yes, your mom sure enjoys making these signature squigglies for some time now. They are cute like she is. dad

  2. That's neato! Does she use a web application, or some kind of design software?

    And for scrapbooking, these would be amazing!

  3. Thanks for the compliments. I must admit I am totally addicted to these things and it occupies my time and it is the way I let out my creative desires. I cannot draw or paint but it is fun to put things together like these. I use a program called Paint Shop Pro by Corel and I purchase the graphics to use in my signature tags. It's a lot of fun and there are many groups out there in cyberland where anyone interested can learn how to make them. Just google PSP forums and I am sure there will be a long list of them out there.

  4. How fun that your mom can share this with you! They look great!


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