Panama Challenge day 6: Indigenous uniqueness

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When: Saturday March 20, 2010

White top: Conway (Panama)
Orange skirt: El Titan (Panama)
Brown belt: Pull & Bear (Europe)
Orange stripped shoes: ? (Panama)
Brown purse: borrowed from my mom
Scarf: My mom has had it since high school :)

Where: Dinner at a delicious local restaurant with my family. We also had some ice cream :)

For the 6th day of my Panama Challenge, I thought it would be fun to make an outfit inspired by the indigenous people of Panama. There are many types of indigenous people here and you can actually see some of them walking around the city. In this case, I made an outfit inspired by the "Kunas". The first thing that inspired me is that they always wear a red and orange bandana in their hair:
March 20 (15)
So I tried to make an outfit with orange and red-ish accents in it:
March 20 (14)
Another thing that all Kunas wear are these sort of big bead bracelets and anklets:
March 20 (17)
So I was inspired to wear many different colored bracelets all at once to get a somewhat similar effect:
March 20 (8)
Kunas are well known for making beautiful "molas". Molas are part of the traditional costume of a Kuna woman. They are hand made using a reverse appliqué technique. They are usually made of several layers (from two to seven) of different colored cloth that are sewed together and then the design is formed by cutting away parts of each layer.
March 20 (16)
A mola can take from two weeks to six months to make, depending on the complexity of the design. Each one is hand-made, so each one is unique. Once they are finished, they are used to make clothing, purses, etc. I really like them because they are very beautiful and they are one of a kind.
March 20 (9)
And that is today's interesting fact about Panama. Now, just for the fun of it, I took a pic wearing my mom's "Guaymi" indigenous dress. This is a different indigenous group than the Kunas, and they all wear dresses such as this one (but not belted like me of course... jeje). Hope you are all enjoying the challenge!
March 20 (10)
March 20 (13)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this orange necklace:
03 March 20

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  1. This has been so interesting to see and read! Great challenge and your outfits are absolutely wonderful as well.

  2. When my parents were first married my dad was stationed in Panama, and they brought back, alongside a german shepherd, lots of beautiful molas - I have a mola tray on display on my coffee table at home.

  3. RAD!

    I love it all! So gorgeously colorful!

  4. Love the orange skirt with the belt and white top!

    The colors of all the fabrics and jewelry are so vibrant and beautiful.

  5. Very pretty! You look great in orange!

  6. As always, the colours are gorgeous - that is a great shade of orange, and that indigenous dress is beautiful!

  7. Great post, Marie, thank you. Love the oranges and the Guayami dress.


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