A rainbow St. Pat's Day

March 17 - St. Pats day (1)

Happy St. Pat's Day everyone!! I hope you all remembered to wear green today, or did you get pinched? jeje. To celebrate, I decided to make some rainbow colored cupcakes. I started by dividing the cake mix and addding food coloring:
March 17 - St. Pats day (2)
Then you add a little bit of each color into the cupcake paper. Its a little messy but once they are baked, the look great!
March 17 - St. Pats day (3)
Even the cupcake papers looked pretty when I took them off the cupcakes.
March 17 - St. Pats day (4)
Then, me being the silly and happy person I am, I decided to make a little rainbow out of cupcake papers... jaja, what silliness.
March 17 - St. Pats day (5)
Once that was all ready, it was testing time!! This is definitely my favorite part :)
March 17 - St. Pats day (6)
The cupcakes looked even prettier in the inside than the outside!
March 17 - St. Pats day (8)
I'll admit, the took longer to make than I thought. But the truth is that I love how they turned out, so it was well worth it!
March 17 - St. Pats day (7)
My mom made me this pretty St. Pats day Signature as part of the Signature Challenge. I'm loving all the green, isn't it pretty?!
March 17 - Signature Challenge (5)

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  1. Super cute cuppies! I must give that a try next time I make some. Happy St. Patty's Day Marie!

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. Being Irish we can´t let St. Patrick´s day pass. Your cupcakes were delicious and ingeniuous with the rainbow colors.

  3. Oh wow! Those are amazing. Love it!

    And great green for St. Pat's. Huzzah!

  4. Very pretty! And those cupcakes look amazing!

  5. yummy. send me some! LOL

    and that outfit is really pretty on you. green is a good color for you.

  6. Such delicious and fun looking cupcakes. The fun part was seeing you eat it with such enthusiasm and gusto. You are always thinking up fun and interesting things to do for the holidays. Love how green looks on you as well and the outfit was perfect for the occasion.

  7. I have never seen rainbow cupcakes! They look sooo good, I love it. :)

  8. Unfortunately the days are creeping up for our happy leprechaun daughter to leave Panama to go back to school. Fortunately Marie has left all of us a pot full of gold of fun memories for us in this short visit. Surely a rainbow will arch from Panama to her school with pots of love-gold at each end. marie´s dad

  9. Those.... are amazing. I would really appreciate one of those right now.

    I found your blog thru clothed much. Isn't she adorable? So are you. Glad I found your blog.


  10. Oh my goodness .. WOW - I have to try making those cupcakes - they look AMAZING!!!!!

    And fab outfit as per usual :D

    CC xXx

  11. OMG! these cupcakes are SO CUTE!!!!! They look delicious too.

    ps. visit my blog at:

  12. Oh my goodness! I've been meaning to make these for soooo long. I saw someone else make them and I've just never gotten around to it. I think you've just motivated me.


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