Introducing: The birthday challenge

March 14 - Birthday Challenge
Since this will be my last year away at college and away from my family, I decided to create a birthday challenge! What I'll do is that on each of my family members' birthday, I will dress up in an outfit that symbolizes their style and/or personality. I don't necessarily have to dress just like them, more as an outfit that is inspired by them.

This is just a way to show that I am thinking of them on their special day even though I am so far away. I am very excited to see what outfits I come up with throught the year!

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  1. you lite up a candle in the darkness with all your nice and happy projects. thankyou. jgm

  2. Cool idea! I loved the Disney Challenge, so I bet this one will be awesome as well. Where are you away to college, and where is the family located?


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