Panama Challenge day 2: Two Oceans, One country

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When: Tuesday March 16, 2010

White dress: Saks (Panama)
Blue cardi: Forever XXI
Turquoise wedges: ? (Panama)
Turquoise purse: borrowed from my mom
Silver belt: Present from my parents
Bow hair accesory: Forever XXI

Where: Shopping with my mom (again VERY successful) and out with my girl friends.

For the second day of my Panama Challenge, I decided to talk about the fact that Panama has coasts on both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Since this is today's theme, I decided to wear an outfit inspired by the sea! The two shades of blue represent the different blues of the water and the white dress represents the splashes of the sea against the rocks!
March 16 (10)
Ok, on to today's interesting fact about Panama: Panama has coasts on both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean! In fact, there are some places in Panama where you could swim in both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean all in just one day!
The advantage of being a small country, is that within an hour drive from the city are beaches were you can relax and drink some piña coladas. Panama has beautiful beaches with white sand and crystal waters. That is part of the reason why some areas of Panama are world-renowned sites for diving and snorkeling.
The last thing I want to mention about Panama's waters is that it is a great place to go fishing. My boyfriend loves to fish, so I have gone a couple of times... let's say it was interesting to say the least... jajaja. Anyway, Panama has some unique places to go fishing, some are even world-famous for Marlin and Sailfish
March 16 (12)
So that was today's interesting fact about Panama. Come back tomorrow to learn a little something new from my country! Thanks for reading!
March 16 (6)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this blue cardi (it's a whole lot!):
03 March 16
03 March 16 (1)

PS: The pretty scenary pics where all taken in Panama, in case you were wondering :)

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  1. Beautiful! I love the two different shades if blue against the bright white. I want to go swimming off the coast of Panama now :o)

  2. Your outfit looked great and it was a great idea the 2 blues for 2 different oceans only a mile apart and the white dress even seems to have wave marks. Your first pose reminds me of the Panama pollera pose. Pollera is Panama´s beautiful hand woven (years to make) outfit that has special dancing to it. In their younger years, Marie & her 3 brothers & older sister all took pollera dancing for several years and even danced on tv plus were displayed on road floats in local parades all dressed up in their polleras and montunos. A very active life they have had. Marie´s dad.

  3. oh gosh! what a great idea for an outfit! you achieved really well the look off the both oceans and the white complements it really well! keep going!

  4. You look gorgeous and nice and WARM! Perhaps I should pop down to Panama! :) White eyelet and blue looks so great together!

  5. I'm loving all your nice bright summery looks. Seeing all your pictures is making me get quite impatient for summer to arrive!!

  6. Cute!! Love the white and blue. Those are beauitful pics as well.

    Enter to win a women's Orient watch!

  7. Oooh perfection! I just got dive certified! Thank you so much for the information, and great outfit!

  8. I love this look, the way the two blues play off the white with the silver belt. Gorgeous!

  9. Gorgeous dress! It's so cool how we both had the same idea regarding the lace dress with the burgundy tights. haha. Well...great minds think alike! :)

  10. The colours a fab and I love the dress!

  11. Such a clean crisp look and the backdrop of the Bay of Panama with the sky line and a cruise ship in the background makes a perfect setting for this Ocean to Ocean look. I love the blues and whites together and all your accesories compliment your dress. You really do look stunning in that outfit.

  12. I love love love this outfit - the different blues with the white and splash of silver - simply stunning!!

    CC xXx

  13. I love this outfit! It's so pretty and whimsical.

  14. This looks is so pretty and fresh.
    And Panama's beaches look so amazingly beautiful!


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