My way of wearing black

March 28 (1)
March 28 (2)
March 28 (8)
March 28 (4)
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March 28 (7)

When: Sunday March 28, 2010

Black Sweater dress: Present from my brother (Europe)
Plaid top: ? (Panama)
Blue tights: JC Penny's
Black boots: Skechers
Black & white purse: Forever XXI
White belt: Present from my parents

Where: Grocery shopping with my boyfriend.

As you have all probably noticed by now, I love wearing color! I love making different color combos and wearing bright outfits mixed with neutrals. For this reason, it is a true challenge for me to wear dominant black items such as black dresses and black skirts.
March 28 (3)
In order to make it more "me", I always try to add some color and some fun patterns! So for today I added the colorful plaid top and the bright colored tights! It's simply my way of wearing black.

How do you wear black dresses? Any ideas you would like to share?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this sweater dress:
03 March 28

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  1. What a great dress!! You always manage to make any outfit pop with a splash of colour and much better than most! Very cool! :D :D


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