Panama Challenge day 4: Panama as a fashionable city

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Thursday March 18, 2010

Black & White dress: Saks (Panama)
Patterned shoes: BMB (Panama)
Pink purse: present from my parents

Where: Dinner with my boyfriend's family and out to a party with some friends.

This is the 2nd part of the "Panama is a fashionable city" theme. Here I was inspired to dress a little more fashionable and modern to represent Panama as a fashionable place. People here usually always try to dress up, no matter where they go. It makes it interesting because you can look at other people's outfits and get inspiration.
March 18 (22)
I also wanted to point out that Panama is a very exciting and booming city. There are so many different things you can do here. There are great restaurants, great clubs and bars, great getaway locations, etc. Its just a fun place to be at.
I was once asked by a reader to talk a little bit about the places where I shop and the fashion designers of Panama. In terms of the places where I shop, I keep it pretty simple. Panama is a fantastic place to shop because you can purchase really fashionable and pretty pieces for a very low cost. Most of my clothes are very very inexpensive, but look great! Sadly none of these places ship internationally, but if you are ever in Panama let me know to tell you the best places to shop :)
Panama also has great local designers. I have modeled for a couple of fashion shows and let me tell you, Panama has really pretty designs and clothes! I really loved many of the things I modeled, I wish I could have kept them :)
March 18 (23)
So that is today's interesting fact about Panama. It's probably the theme I enjoy writing about the most because its about fashion and shopping, my two favorite things :)
March 18 (24)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn a black & white ensemble with a pop of color:
03 March 18 (2)

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  1. That's neato! I love cities where people dress up. I'm surprised that Panama is able to accomplish this feat considering the heat.

  2. Beautiful dress and shoes!!

    Also I like the outfit with the red shrug and the hat - gorgeous!!

    CC xXx

  3. Don´t you look fashionably elegant in that outfit. You certainly add fashion to Panama. Wherever you go, heads turn dont even hide how hard they are looking. jgm

  4. I didnt realize that was you in the first pic. Wasn`t that from the French jeans website you posed for in all their model jeans? Jeannie?

  5. Very chic. I love everything I'm learning about Panama from these posts too!

    Great job!

  6. Thanks for all the sweet comments everyone! Yes, that's me dada, it sure is the pics from the blue jeans modeling job... jeje, good eye! Thanks everyone!

  7. I really like this ensemble, Marie. Wonderful shoes and pendant, especially. Thanks for sharing.

  8. great look, I really like the dress and shoes.


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