How would you wear.... a black sleeveless cardi

05 May - Black Sleeveless Cardi
This is my first "How would you wear..." post! How exciting! For today, a reader has asked me how I would wear a black sleeveless cardi somewhat similar to the one above. So let's see what I have come up with!

1. Parisian Chic: This was my first and immediate reaction when I thought of how to wear this cardi. I always love wearing Parisian inspired outfits, don't you? They are so effortlessly chic! In this outfit, I especially love the yummy beige accessories... they make the entire outfit more special.
05 May - Black Sleeveless Cardi - Parisian Chic

2. Date night: This cardi would also look lovely to go out on a romantic date or just dinner with some friends! Here the main focus is to have an interesting and unique looking clutch and then adding accessories that match. In this case, I went for a white, black, and yellow color combo!
05 May - Black Sleeveless Cardi - Date night

3. Shopping Chic: This cardi would be the perfect comfy accessory to go out shopping with your friends or family. I would naturally pair it with a floral dress (just because I love floral dresses) and then add pops of color in the shoes, belt, and purse. Make sure you pick cute flats and a somewhat big purse so that you are totally comfy and yet very chic while you go shopping.
05 May - Black Sleeveless Cardi - Shopping Chic

4. Professional Chic: So you thought this cardi wouldn't be business appropriate? Well I beg to differ! I think it would look very classy over a striped collar shirt and a yummy beige skirt. Top it off with some classy looking gold studs and professional looking glasses and you're ready to get down to business!
05 May - Black Sleeveless Cardi - Professional Chic

5. Weekend Chic: Last but not least, this cardi would be perfect for a fresh and laid back outfit for the weekend. I would pair it with a bright colored dress, like this yellow one, just to add some freshness and color. Then I would pair it with a cute light-weight scarf that includes the same color as the dress as well as other colors (like this yellow and blue one). After that, the rest is easy! Just combine the shoes and purse to the colors of the scarf and you're set to go!
05 May - Black Sleeveless Cardi - Weekend Chic

So those are the ways in which I would wear a black sleeveless cardi. Which is your favorite look? How would you wear this versatile item?

And remember, you are all welcome to shoot me an email with any item you would like to see me remix! I will be more than glad to try to help you wear those hard-to-make-outfits pieces! My email is thejoyoffashion [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Note: Also, what do you think of this segment? like it? any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I love this new little feature. What a great idea!

  2. They're all so cute, but I love the shopping chic look most! This is a really fun segment :)

  3. very nice! I'm looking forward to more of these.

  4. You´re incredibly gifted and talented at all this. Can´t get over how well and easily you do it. jgm


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