eBay obsession challenge: I keep my parents close to my heart

May 25 (1)
May 25 (2)
May 25 (3)
May 25 (4)
May 25 (5)
May 25 (6)
May 25 (7)
May 25 (8)
May 25 (9)

When: Tuesday May 25, 2010

Orange skirt: El Titan (Panama)
Striped collar shirt: Used to be my moms
Beige wedges: from this seller on eBay
Beige Tommy Hilfiger purse: TJ Max
Floral necklace: from this seller on eBay

Where: Bought some new crafts at Michaels! I'm so excited to start all my new projects!

Today is the last day of my eBay obsession challenge!! Can you believe I finally ran out of eBay items? I left one of the most simple but probably the most special items for last: this cute floral necklace. Not only is the necklace cute and floral, but it also has a sweet secret: it is also a locket!
May 25 (10)
I decided to put a photo of my parents in my locket so that I can always keep them close to my heart (although they are always in my heart no matter what). They are both just such an inspiration for me and I miss them every single day. I'm so proud to say they are my parents.
May 25 (11)
So that is the end of this challenge! did you all like it?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this skirt:
05 May 25

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  1. Very sweet comment about your mum and dad... I think this outfit is great ... simple but feminine.

  2. That's an amazing locket! I love it. Daisies are my favorites. You look so pretty!

  3. That is so sweet of you to put Dad and I close to your heart. As you know you are always in our hearts as well. Love this work outfit since it looks comfy and appropriate. Good luck with your internship. I'm sure you will do just fine.

  4. Beautiful skirt! That color is so striking and lovely. It looks great on you!

  5. Miss Marie, please, i have to tell you something important.
    I wrote you an email, but no answer.

    Can you contact me at djciko@libero.it ?

    Its something about an ABUSE of your IMAGINE.

  6. Most Wonderful. Thankyou for such a special dedication to us. It´s such a wondeful experience and pleasure to be parents of such a wonderful daughter. Thankyou for being such a beautiful person. dad

  7. I thought of this often today and it made me feel so special. Thankyou again and thankyou for being such a wonderful of all the wonderfuls. dad

  8. Aww that is so sweet of you to put them in your locket .. also I love there replys to you on here .. what a wonderful family you must have :D

    Sal xXx


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