eBay obsession challenge: The amazing Niagara Falls!

May 17 (1)
May 17 (2)
May 17 (3)
May 17 (4)
May 17 (5)
May 17 (6)
May 17 (7)
May 17 (8)

When: Monday May 17, 2010

White tee: Target
Patterned skirt: Stevens (Panama)
Caramel belt: Forever XXI
Jean jacket: Saks (Panama)
Brown tights: Target
Beige boots: El Costo (Panama)
Brown Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Max
Purple necklace: From this seller on eBay

Where: Traveled to Niagara Falls, saw both amazing waterfalls, enjoyed a delicious dinner, and then looked at the lit up falls at night.

Today we traveled to see the amazing Niagara Falls!!!! To make sure I was comfy and yet stylish, I decided to go with this casual chic outfit. I really like the purple accents and brown accessories because it makes the outfit warm and approachable. And of course, I had to add an eBay item for my eBay obsession challenge so I went with this cute purple necklace.
May 17 (9)
When we arrived at the hotel, the very first thing we did was leave our bags and head out to explore! The U.S. side of the Niagara Falls has a beautiful park surrounding the falls filled with pretty trees and flowers. It was so beautiful to walk around the park while looking at the fast rapids.
May 17 (10)
Then we finally got to the falls and let me say, they are A-MA-ZING!!

May 17 (11)
I really just couldn't believe I was there looking at the falls... it was a very surreal experience.
May 17 (13)
They were so beautiful and inspiring, I could stay there all day looking at the vast amount of water pouring down the falls... they were so beautiful.
May 17 (12)
We spent most of the day just looking at the falls and enjoying the magical moment... it was wonderful :)
May 17 (14)
Then we walked around the park a little more until we got to the second waterfall (there are two waterfalls in Niagara Falls) which was even more impressive than the first waterfall!
May 17 (15)
It was completely breathtaking to say the least... We even got to see the bottom of the falls a little better... there was so much mist from the splash on the rocks; it was just so surreal.
May 17 (16)
At night, the falls are supposed to be lit up with different colors, so we decided to go take a look. They looked amazing!!! They had all sorts of colors like blue, red, pink, purple, and yellow; and they would change every 5 minutes or so. The colors were beautiful, the photos don't give the colors justice!
May 17 (17)
It was the perfect first day.. the falls were beautiful and we had a wonderful time. My boyfriend was so nice as to say all of these romantic things while we saw the falls... Life just doesn't get much better than this ;)
May 17 (19)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this skirt:
Outfit Remix - May 17

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  1. I love these photos Marie! I've always wanted to go to Niagra Falls. Hopefully one day! You look so sweet... always so cheery and flashing the beautiful smile of yours! Hope you're having a fun day!

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. These are gorgeous! You look so happy in all of them. I love the colors of your outfit!

  3. Those pictures are so pretty! And it's so funny because I'm going up there next week!! I'm really looking forward to the trip after seeing these pictures :)

  4. Wow Niagra Falls! I can't wait to go there one day :D
    LOVE this outfit. All the pops of purple look amazing on you girlie!

  5. I love the purple touches and what an amazing background. So jealous that you're at Niagra falls.

  6. those are some gorgeous scenic shots! i've never seen the falls from the American side! & i heart your skirt!

    so you better have come over to the canadian side too, eh! lol

  7. The falls are beautiful!!!
    I'm loving your purple flower necklace, and the print on the skirt is so cute!

    If you have any time and are going to the canadian side, there is a town called Niagara on the Lake, and it is simply gorgeous. I went there for a day last summer and I definitely want to go back!

    Chic on the Cheap

    PS. Award for you at my blog!

  8. Loevly! I like how you took the photo shopped pic for real. :) I love the purple in your outfit. And the necklace is lovely! Hope you guys have lots of fun.

  9. yes, todays posting is wonderful from every point of view. You look radiantly happy and beautiful yourself in every pic, plus the outfit looks so nice and the adventure of seeing the falls in the background and via your comments make all this so exciting today. jgm

  10. I've been really digging purple lately and that skirt and your accessories are so cute!

  11. i LOVE this outfit. I am a big fan of BRIGHT colors and I'm glad that you seem to be, too! What a cute pattern on your skirt, and it's so versatile, too! I like your purple flowers and your belt is also pretty rad.


  12. Wonderful outfit - and looks like you had a great first day at the falls, I love it when yiou go somewhere and something reminds you jusy how special life is ... and that you will always remember that day!

    Sal xXx


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