Outfit of the week - Reader´s Choice

April 26 (9)April 27 (9)
April 28 (10)April 29 (9)
April 30 (11)May 1 (11)
May 2 (9)

Which is the best outfit of the week?
1. The White trench
2. Bold plus Subtle equals Pattern mixing!
3. Tights with flats
4. Yes, they're blue
5. A series of unfortunate events
6. Finally, his dream car!
7. A token of his appreciation!
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Last week's outfit of the week was.....a tie!! ... The two winner's were:
April 23 (1)
"Inspirations by Van Gogh"


April 24 (1)
"Happy Birthday Annie"

Thank you all so much for your votes and feedback!

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  1. I think there all great - but I love 3, 4 and 7 and voted fir the blue tights and skirt - I adore that skirt!!!!

    Sal xXx


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