eBay obsession challenge: Birdies for my grandma

May 20 (1)
May 20 (2)
May 20 (3)
May 20 (4)
May 20 (5)
May 20 (6)
May 20 (7)
May 20 (8)
May 20 (9)
May 20 (10)

When: Thursday May 20, 2010

Burgundy tee: ? (Panama)
Floral skirt: Saks (Panama)
White belt: Madison (Panama)
Gold shoes: ? (Panama)
White Nine West purse: TJ Max
White necklace: From this seller on eBay
Bow ring: c/o LuShae Jewelry

Where: Picked up some packages at the post office (Yipieeee), watched a movie at my apartment with my boyfriend, and started a new exciting craft!

Today I decided to make an outfit around this interesting white necklace I got on eBay. Sometimes I feel that this eBay obsession challenge is never going to end! jajaja, but the truth is that I'm running out of items, so the end is near. Anyway, I was inspired to buy this necklace because of a look over at Kendi Everyday. I love the way she wore this interesting piece, so I was inspired to buy one for myself!
Inspired by: Kendi everyday
Today I also started one of the many fun crafts I have for this summer!! I'm so excited to start my little summer projects that I just wish I could do them all right away! But I decided its best start with this paint by number I bought a couple of months ago. It is a picture of a couple of birdies and you paint the spaces according to the numbers. They turn out really pretty when they are finished.
May 20 (13)
This one in particular is going to be a present for one of my grandmothers. I hope she likes it!
May 20 (11)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this skirt:
05 May 20

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  1. That really is a pretty necklace, and interesting. You wore it nicely with that outfit you chose. You sure are thoughtul making crafts for your family members, plus it´s another fun filled project for your joy of living. Good going. jgm

  2. Hey- I was totally bidding on that necklace but it went to high for me!! ahahhahah.

    You wear it well though!!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. ...never mind... different seller (not as fun). Same exact necklace though, with the earrings as well.

  4. I love that skirt sooo much !!

  5. That's so sweet of you.. I'm sure grams will like it a lot. You inspire me to take up my little projects again as well.


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