Gumball 3000

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When: Friday May 7, 2010

Blue & Green tunic: 5.7.9.
White skirt: Christmas present from my parents
Silver belt: Madison (Panama)
Silver flats: BMB (Panama)
Turquoise purse: Present from my parents
Black Motorcycle jacket: Forever XXI

Where: My boyfriend and I went to NYC to see the end of an awesome car rally called Gumball 3000!

Today my boyfriend and I went on a university organized mini trip to NYC! It was the perfect timing too because my boyfriend wanted to see an awesome car event called Gumball 3000. Since we were going to be walking around all NYC, I decided to wear something that was fashionable and yet very comfy. So I went for this fresh outfit that included comfy flats and a big purse to fit all of my things in it.... I felt great in this ensemble walking on the streets of New York :)
May 7 (8)
We had a wonderful time as usual! I insisted that we go eat cupcakes from the delicious Magnolia's bakery like we did the last time we were in New York. I was sooooooo excited with my box of delicious cupcakes!!
May 7 (9)
So we headed back to Times Square to eat these famous cupcakes... they were even tastier than I remembered!! They are definitely going to be a tradition we will follow each and every time we go to NYC... jeje, yes they are THAT good!
May 7 (10)
After walking the streets of NYC, we spent the rest of the day at the Gumball event. The Gumball 3000 is basically a car rally that happened all over Europe and that finished in New York City. Most of the cars that participate in the rally are exotic sports cars, so you can understand my boyfriend's excitement!!
May 7 (11)
He was so excited with each and every car that arrived, it was like a kid in a candy store... jeje. I was so happy to live this dream come true with him; his smile from ear to ear was just such a wonderful thing to see :)
May 7 (12)
At the end of the event, my boyfriend was just so so so ecstatic that he got to see so many rare and exotic cars. I was so happy to see him that happy. We ended the night by walking around Times Square and just soaking up how wonderfully exciting the city is. I just love New York, I always feel so happy when I come here!
May 7 (13)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this green & blue tunic:
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  1. Sounds like a fun day! I love that tunic as a top, and you're right, it does look very fresh paired with white.

  2. Perfect outfit for NYC. You and your sweetie are so adorable together!

  3. What an exciting weekend. I couldnt wait for todays blog to see some of the car news rather than the fashion news (which is always wonderful too). But to be honest with you I was so stunned by how beautiful you looked in your outfit and pics, the cars became secondary. Your outfit is so refreshing and combines so nicely--the turquoise purse with your shirt, the 3 silver combinations, etc. Not to mention how reasonable you are wearing flats on a day of lots of walking and a big purse to be prepared for the day. The best pic is of your face (5th pic down)you look so lovely and your hair so elegant. As for the cars..very exciting. I know most visitors to this blog probably arent into cars, but that black car in Alejandros pic is a Bugati Veiron--that car costs $2 million and has 1000 hp (normal cars have 150hp, fast cars have 300hp). jgm

  4. Sounds like you had a fabulous day and it was great that Alejo got to fulfill one of his dreams which was to see one of these exotic car rallys. I am soooooo glad you were able to enjoy those wonderful cupcakes again. These are things that wonderful memories are made of. I have always loved that tunic since it has my fav color combo and paired with the white skirt it makes it such a crisp and clean outfit. Cant wait for the next adventure.


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