Love the Concept, don't love the name

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When: Saturday January 29, 2011

Striped dress: Used to be my mom's
Blue cardi: Forever XXI
Black pumps: ? (Panama)
Black heel covers: From this site
Black & Gold belt: Madison (Panama)
Black Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Maxx

Went to mass, went out to dinner with my family, and rented a funny movie.

Today I am wearing these awesome heel covers for the very first time!! I first found out about this innovative accessory through the blog Adored Austin. I must admit, I really LOVE the idea of simply adding a little accessory to my shoes to totally transform them. Here I have my simple black pumps which I have jazzed up with this pair of black and gold heel covers.
Jan 29 (10)
Jan 29 (11)
Although I absolutely LOVE the idea of heel covers, I don't really appreciate the name of the company. So just for the record, I don't and will never approve of the name of the company... just FYI. Apart from that, I love aaallll of these covers and I really had to constrain myself from buying them ALL! hahahaha.

Have you ever heard of heel covers? Do you think it's a good idea?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this striped dress:
01 Jan 29

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  1. your passion for color is pretty amusing!

  2. I adore that bright blue on you! And I like how the heel covers match the belt. :)

    I don't like the name either, I'm totally with you on that one.

  3. Oh, that name is ridiculous! I would be embarrassed to tell people where I got them with that name...but they look awesome!
    I just have to say, you take some of the best pictures! You always look so flawless, especially your hair. I wish my hair stayed looking nice for longer than 10 minutes.

  4. I love those heel covers, but completely agree with you on the name. Your hair is just gorgeous! I wish my red hair would look like that. Instead it kinda curls into ringlets, and poofs a lot!

  5. hahaha...I looked at the company name and I do say myself that is an interesting name!
    They have some great products and I want some now! You got me hooked...hehe
    Great outfit btw, the shoes look fab! :)

  6. Those heel covers are really snazzy I love them but, the name is a little unnecessary. I would buy lots if I had the $

  7. I agree your hair looks real nice that day. Plus the blue shirt looks so nice combined with the dress. jgm

  8. I really like your outfit today. It is getting more into the daring side of your fashion sense which I enjoy. You look very nice and I think that the heal covers are super cool!

  9. You've inspired me! Now I need some heel covers!

  10. Ok so now I know why you did not write the name.... its just hideous. However the idea is brilliant, had never heard of them before.

  11. Hey,
    I love how you paired that blue with black and white stripes. You have given me some great ideas ! Amazing blog. And yes, i also dislike the name of that website. I am reading this in someone else's computer and hence i will not even check that site...


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