Best Outfits of 2010

To wrap up 2010, I thought it would be fun to show you which where my favorite outfits of 2010. Here is the countdown of my very favorite outfits:

12 Dec 31 - Best Outfits of the Year (1)
10. Gossip Girl Inspiration: I just love how preppy and cute this outfit is!

12 Dec 31 - Best Outfits of the Year (2)
9. Checkered: I love this colorful color combo! I also really love how the motorcycle jacket looks with this checkered scarf and hat.

12 Dec 31 - Best Outfits of the Year (3)
8. Polka dot Cutie!: I'm surprised at how much I love this outfit considering it's lack of color! I just think the polka dots, the pop of pink, and the faux pearls look so feminine and cute.

12 Dec 31 - Best Outfits of the Year (4)
7. The best view of NYC: I just LOVE this floral trench! Every time I wear it I feel so chic! I especially love it with these shoes :)

12 Dec 31 - Best Outfits of the Year (5)
6. Roses are Red: I love the way the ruffles of the dress peek through this v-neck sweater. Plus, all the red accents are just so cute!

12 Dec 31 - Best Outfits of the Year (6)
5. A wonderful day watching Shreck 3-D: I remember wearing this outfit and feeling so tall and glamorous. Orange and yellow was one of my favorite color combos this year!

12 Dec 31 - Best Outfits of the Year (7)
4. Discovering Craiglist: Loving the bold tights in this outfit! Plus, this dress is just so colorful... what's not to love?

12 Dec 31 - Best Outfits of the Year (8)
3. Two POP's of Purple: I love the vintage feeling of this outfit. The purple scarf adds a pop of color close to my face which I love. I remember feeling so feminine in this outfit :)

12 Dec 31 - Best Outfits of the Year (9)
2. Hello Red Boots: This apples dress is SO CUTE that I just feel like skipping every time I wear it. It looks lovely paired with red boots and a comfy brown knit cardi.

12 Dec 31 - Best Outfits of the Year (10)
1. I'm in love with these monkey pins: How can I explain how much I LOVE this apples dress? Well, I love it so much that it won first and second place in this countdown! The dress looks great paired with this adorable jacket from Forever XXI.

So those are my favorite outfits of the year 2010, I hope you liked them too!

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  1. I think I like 10 and 5 the best. It's funny that so many of these looks incorporated the same white and red dress :) That's a great piece!

  2. Thanks for putting this together. I love all of them!

  3. My favs were 2, 4, 6, 9, 10. I think the best was 10 but all your outfits are great!

  4. Number seven is so fabulous!

  5. 5 is one of my favorites!

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  6. Great picks! I like them all! My favorites are 6 and 5. :)


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