2011 New Years Resolutions

01 Jan 01 - New Years Resolutions

Now that we have switched to a new year, I always enjoy reviewing in my mind everything I have accomplished in the year that has past as well as what I want to accomplish in the year to come. Last year (2010) was full of such wonderful and special moments! I'm so happy with all the different places I visited with my boyfriend. I also finished my undergraduate studies, so I feel it was a very special year!

Reviewing my 2010 new year resolutions, I see that I didn't accomplish them entirely but I did make some improvements. I read more books during 2010, I took full advantage of my last year of college by going on all sorts of adventures, and I made some major improvements to my blog. So, all in all, I'm very happy with how 2010 turned out.

In terms of 2011, here are a couple of my goals:
  • I want to start working at my dad's company and make several improvements within the company.
  • I want to spend more time with my family. More specifically, I want to plan a family event at least every week or every other week.
  • I would like to read at least 1 book every 3 months.
  • I am going to try my best to improve my health by eating better and doing a little more exercise (at least once a week).!
So those are some of my goals for this year! Wish my luck!

What are some of your goals this year?

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  1. Well, I'm looking forward to reading about it. What fun to be starting out a career with some positive ideas already in mind. Good luck!!

  2. I don't usually set resolutions at the beginning of the year. If I want to do something I just do it, doesn't matter what time of the year it is. Although, I would really like to get a job or internship within the fashion industry. That would be my ultimate goal this year, especially in this economy.
    I guess keep my weight off from last year is another one. It will be a year since I reached my goal weight in March!

  3. Congrats on graduation!

    I've been reading Your blog for a few months now, I just absolutely love your blog and this will be my first comment.

    My New Years resolution for 2011

    Lose weight and eat healthier
    Budget, spending less than what I make
    Be spontaneous and unpredictable

    That's it for now

  4. Try getting a Kindle or iPad. Makes getting the books to read easy. Also if got a mp3 player try to listen books, there are a lot free as Podcasts!
    Good Luck and congrats!


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