Outfit of the week - Reader's Choice

Jan 17 (9)Jan 18 (10)
Jan 19 (10)Jan 20 (12)
Jan 21 (11)Jan 22 (12)

Which is the best outfit of the week?
1. The first step towards a healthier me
2. Out with the old...
3. I told you so
4. Pie Crust Hairdo
5. My first Weigh In
6. A tropical outfit for a tropical country
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Last week's winner was...
Jan 14 (1)
"Surprise Graduation Party"

Thanks for all the sweet comments and votes everyone! You all make me very very happy!

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  1. I get a rush of excitement when I figure out your well planned out combinations like the red hair piece with the red trim in your shirt and your red shoes. makes me say out loud RIGHT ON! Also more subtle (and even better the more goldbug subtle) black purse to match the black lining on the top of your shirt. Makes the viewer appreciate you put planning in our outfit which is fun to see. jgm

  2. Wow, I am in love with all of the bright colors you wear! They suit you so well and you clearly have an eye for putting things together. I'm following your blog!

  3. It's always so hard choosing a favorite when all of your outfits look so good Marie! I voted for #3 though - I love how hats add a nice touch to an outfit :D

  4. I voted for #3 too. I love this feature, it's so much fun!


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