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When: Tuesday December 21, 2010

Beige top: Christmas present from my parents
Brown skirt: ? (Panama)
Caramel belt: Forever XXI
Jean flats: El Costo (Panama)
Orange purse: Borrowed from my mom

Where: Did some Christmas shopping and baked some holiday goodies with my mom.

Today my mom and I finished the last of our Christmas shopping... weeeeee!! I'm so glad we don't have to drive in the crazy holiday traffic or fight people off in the stores. The holiday season is crazy here in Panama when it comes to driving and shopping.
Dec 21 (5)
All of the shopping and errands I have been doing lately has led me to make really casual and comfy outfits like today's. I decided to add pops of orange in today's outfit to go with the orange thread in this lovely skirt. I also love how the jean shoes look in this outfit... somehow I always feel that jeans go with anything and everything :)

Is it crazy where you live in terms of holiday shopping and traffic?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this skirt:
12 Dec 21

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  1. omg, you have amazing style!! i'm absolutely loving this skirt on you and you're so lucky to still be enjoying warm weather too! congrats to you for finishing your xmas shopping! it's seriously a madhouse out there.

    you have amazing makeup skills too and i love the eyeshadow!!

  2. I love the way your accessories compliment this outfit!

  3. You look so cute in this outfit Weezie. I love the hippy-fresh look on you. Your long hair with the braid and the gypsy top go so nice, and your cute little flats are darling. You look really pretty.

  4. Very cute outfit! It has been crazy here in terms of shopping, everyone getting there last minute gifts...

  5. Very cute outfit! I'm also jealous....I'm here in Midwestern United States wearing a turtleneck and still freezing, and you're looking cute in your short sleeves. So, so, so jealous. Oh, and by the way, Merry Christmas!

  6. Love that skirt! Such great colors! That orange is so bold and bright! Thanks for stopping by! So many exclamation points!!!

  7. Lovely skirt, beautiful orange handbag, and what a pretty braid. Merry Christmas, Marie.

  8. Your outfit is adorable, so colorful and happy! And I love how you matched your necklace and purse!

  9. How strange it is to see someone with bare legs when its so cold here. :) You look so pretty, I do like your skirt. :D Merry Christmassss!~

  10. Love the bright colors! Hope you had a great Christmas, and happy New Year!

  11. This is a really cute outfit. I love the orange accents! Also, these shoes are the cutest things I've ever seen. You should wear a braid in your hair more often, it looks so pretty!


  12. wow your orange purse is the top of pops! i scurried around to find what it matched and was thrilled to see your orange necklace. bright colors on you look great. jgm

  13. The jean flats are perfect. It was the first thing that caught my eye from your outfit.
    Very pretty.


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