Calendar: The most wonderful time of the year

12 Dec 08 - Calendar (1)
Here is what my calendar is looking like this December 2010. This month is a SUPER special month because of several reasons... First, I'm finally moving back to Panama!!! Yippiieee!! I'm also finishing all of my undergrad college classes! No more school! Double yippiiieee! AND it's Christmas so triple yippiee!! It's definitely the most wonderful time of the year!

What fun plans do you have this month?

Here is what November looked like once I was done:
12 Dec 08 - Calendar (2)

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  1. Aww! I love how you decorate your calendar! So pretty! <3

    ~ Katie

  2. Just a week now till you will be home. Cant wait.

  3. Such a sweet calendar!

    <3, natasha

  4. i love how you decorated your calendar!! makes for such a fun way to count down the days until xmas and you have such cute drawings!!

  5. you have such an adorable calendar !
    i love it :)
    have a great fridayyyy ! :)
    glisters and blisters

  6. Awww, I love the calendar! What a great way to remember the months! And congrats on finishing school! Have fun back home!

  7. Congratulation for Graduation.
    Callen u der (calender) to come home.. like ET. jgm


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