Shining Star Certificate? For me? ... snif, snif...

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Dec 09 (2)
Dec 09 (3)
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Dec 09 (6)

When: Thursday December 9, 2010

Floral dress: ? (Panama)
Green turtleneck: ? (Panama)
Black belt: Christmas present from my parents
Black tights: TJ Maxx
Black Skecher boots: BMB (Panama)
Black Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Maxx
Necklace & earring set: From this seller on eBay

Where: Went to a wonderful holiday office party! I had so much fun!

Today I spent most of the day at a holiday office party which was so much fun! The whole staff got together to decorate the place with fun decorations and treats.
Dec 09 (9)

I really loved the stuffed animals all around the table... they were so adorable!
Dec 09 (10)
Dec 09 (11)

Each person invited to the party was supposed to bring some sort of food contribution. In my case, everyone wanted me to bring something "Panamanian". Well, I tried to make some Panamanian style fried plantains... let's just say it was an experience and leave it at that... hehe.

Dec 09 (11)

During the Holiday Party, my boss decided to give out certificates to each student consultant (that's what I do if you didn't know). She gave me a Shining Start certificate!

Dec 09 (12)

She said that I was the heartbeat and joy of the entire office. Then other people stepped in to say that I was the sweetest student consultant ever as well as the most fashionable one. So many people said so many unexpectedly sweet things that I even got teary eyed... it was a very special moment for me :)

Dec 09 (13)

I really made some nice friends at my job. They were all so sweet to me and I'm going to miss them all!
Dec 09 (14)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this green turtleneck:
12 Dec 09

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  1. Lovely outfit, Marie, love the green turtleneck and the skirt and the necklace. Congratulations on your certificate.

  2. Congratulations on your award Marie! You deserve it, you seem like a genuinely good hearted person. Love the outfit btw, especially the accessories :)

  3. Congratulations shining the green color on that necklace!

  4. Yum to the plantains! Just had some for lunch! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Love the green by the way. Follow each other??

  5. How sweet. What a wonderful memory you will have.

  6. Aww this looks like a fun christsmas party. and the award sounds perfect for you, that part of your personality really shines through on your blog!

  7. I got teary eyed myself. You undoubtedly were sunshine in their lives, like you are to all around you. You are sunshine in the day and a guiding shining star at night. What a coincidence your earings and necklace were prepared for this moment. You look great in this outfit, everything combining perfectly with a perfect balance. You are 1 of a kind and wonderful too, that is why you are wonnie or 1derful. jgm

  8. This necklace is to die for! Congratulations on your certificate!


  9. Congrats!!! I love that necklace it's just beautiful!

  10. Oh weezie, I'm so proud of you.. you definitely are a shining star not just to your coworkers but to all people wherever you go. Your positive attitude and cheary disposition towards life is inspiring and I am happy to say that definitely deserve that Shining star award.

    Big hug and see you soon,


  11. Congratulations! You look great in green.

    <3, natasha
    twenty-something blog

  12. awww...congrats on getting a certificate! Cute outfit too! :)

  13. Hey Marie !
    I love this outfit. And i just wanted to say that in India also people love to those fried Plantains. They are a type of banana cut when raw and fried in coconut oil with salt and a bit of chille powder. Would love to know how it is made in Panama.

  14. Btw, i am the one who sent u an email


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