I love.... playing dress up

Fourteen Days of Love 04 - Playing dress up
Ever since I was a little girl, I always enjoyed playing dress up. I would sneek into my sister's closet and wear her long elegant red dresses all over the house... jaja. Even to this day, I still enjoy playing dress up.

This is part of the reason why I make an effort to dress nice
every single day. The way I see it is that every day of my life is important and special, so every day deserves a good outfit! jejeje at least that's my philosophy :)

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  1. yes, that´s absolutely true. I have the pics of you in your older sisters red dress, all made up, living out your dream when only a small tote. That´s why it´s such a thrill seeing you fill out and actually surpass probably all your childhood dreams. If I am not wrong, that pic you posted is in one of your modeling contests in Panama where you were one of the top models working professionally as you attendeded school here in Panama for a while. Congratulations most wonderful. dad

  2. That picture of you is absolutely gorgeous! You're so pretty!

  3. Wow that is a spectacular photo of you. I also can remember that photo of you in your sisters red dress and red heels. One of the memories I have is that your hair was all the way down to your waist. It was always so much fun seeing you dress up. I also have to be one of your biggest fans seeing how you are going to put together your daily outfit. Certainly has motivated me to also look my best every day. I love to look nice also and I am sure you got a lot of that from me. Love you lots. Mom

  4. what an absolutely gorgeous gown! beautiful!


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