I love.... making dreams come true

Fourteen Days of Love 08 - Making my wishes come true
Like any other little girl, I always had millions of dreams and fairytales I wanted to accomplish in my life. What I have come to learn, however, is that dreams don't come true by themselves. Quite the contrary, you need to fight to make your dreams come true.
Fourteen Days of Love 08 - Making my wishes come true (2)
So now that I am older and hopefully wiser, I love dreaming of things I would love to accomplish and then I love setting up everything I would need to do to make that dream come true. In that sense, I have set down my own path for life which includes fulfilling all my goals... There is nothing like seeing one of your dreams come true after all the effort you have put into making it happen... I sincerely love it :)

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  1. very interesting comments and so clearly put. U2R a dream come true. dad

  2. Aww, your dad is so sweet! And I agree with you, always shoot for the stars and don't let discouragement or other people bring you down!! I hope all your dreams (and mine :) ) come true! xoxo

  3. Awww your Dad, bless!
    I love your positive and uplifting outlook!

    Oh and the Trevi Fountain, I threw coins in there too. Can't remember what I wished for though.

  4. It is so wonderful to read your comments about life. It is always so good to have a positive attitude toward life. That way when life throws us a curve ball we can always adjust and keep moving forward. My favorite saying is "Life is not Plan A but more like Plan B or C." That way we are not defeated when our plans dont work out perfectly as we originally planned. We just take the bump in the road as the way we are to move forward toward our ultimate goal. We dont give up on our dreams or wishes. We just seek a better way to make them all come true. As my daughter you always inspire me to keep a positive outlook on life and not let the things of life get me down. Thank you for all your inspiration. Love you always. MOM

  5. Aaaaawwww such sweet comments! Thanks so much mom and dad, those were REALLY sweet words.. and thanks so much Lauren and Natalya for your sweet comment as well :)

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