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When: Wednesday February 3, 2010

Blue & Green tunic: 5.7.9
White knit jacket: PacSun
Navy tights: El Costo (Panama)
Black Skecher boots: BMB (Panama)
Black belt: El Costo (Panama)
Black hat: Target

Where: Finished watching the second season of True Blood (does anyone else watch that?)

I didn't realize that I took today's picture with a white background while I was wearing a white jacket... oops! jejeje, no worries, I like the photos anyway!

Today I decided I wanted to wear this pretty tunic I haven't worn for a while so I started off with that. Then I added the navy tights since I have been dying to wear them for the first time. I kept the rest of the outfit simple by adding neutral items in black & white.

For me, what really makes the outfit chic is this hat! I looove it! And although u can't see very well from the pics, it actually has a cute bow detail on the side! yai! its an extra happy factor!

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this tunic:
02 Feb 03

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  1. you really look smart in this outfit. very classy. Very cool look, even cooler than the snow!

  2. What a fantastic hat, lady! I love a classic cloche.

  3. So interesting! We got that same tunic at my store and when we got it, I didn't have a clue what it could be paired with. But I LOVE everything you've done with it. Looks fabulous!

  4. I'm loving this look so much..and definatly love the hat...I need to be braver and wear more hats!

  5. This tunic is so funky and cool. I love the blues and greens together and pairing it with the navy tights is absolutely perfect. The white sweater jacket and the hat provide a classic chic look. Your skin looks so smooth and beautiful with both the white sweater and the snow in the backgound.


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