Chirstmas presents

Dec 29 (1)
Dec 29 (2)
Dec 29 (3)
Dec 29 (4)
Dec 29 (5)

When: Thursday December 29, 2011

Michael Kors leopard dress: Saks (Panama)
Brown belt: Madison (Panama)
Brown blazer: ? (Panama)
Beige heels: Via Vai (Panama)
Red purse: Christmas present from my parents
Bulova watch: Christmas present from my parents

Work + Watched my brother play video-games :)

I have this little tradition I like to do every year with my Christmas presents. I like to get them all together in one pile in my room, wait a day, and then go through them one by one. It's as if I saw the presents all for the first time once more! It's so much fun... hehe.
Dec 29 (6)

Do any of you do this or do you put your gifts away right after Christmas?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this leopard dress:
12 Dec 29

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  1. Love this Very Chic! Great for work or out for drinks, so cute.

  2. Gorgeous dress :)

    When I was little I used to get all my presents and do a "parade" with them to show all my family and get to look over my presents one by one again haha :) I still like to look through everything again now - like you!!!

    Have a great holiday Marie :)

    CC xXx

  3. I still have some of my presents in a bag....I need a bigger closet! Great dress! That is a great purse to get as a can never have enough purses/clutches!

  4. pretty eyed marie, in your pretty leopard outfit!  since we moved out of state, we can't put our christmas presents away, until we unpack, & come back to our house.   that can be several days later. so, until we travel back, i look at my presents like you do, but as soon as i'm in my house, i like to unpack immediately. 

  5. wow, love that dress. I am a practical gift girl, I only get what I can use right away. Everyone knows that about me and it just works out!
        Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
     I'm having a giveaway... 

  6. This outfit makes me want a leopard print dress!

  7. Cute outfit! Love the handbag! :)

  8. YEAH!  i luv the handbag too but i have one :D

  9. I love that dress and I do that too- I JUST PILE THEM UP and then look at each of my presents and try them on...

  10. Hey Marie! I like the way you reflect on your presents. I just start using them. LOL You look so awesome in brown girl. I always see you in colors, but you look just as good in neutrals (ex: white eShakti dress). Glad you had a wonderful holiday. I just started resuming blogging. I have a new blog url.

  11. Hello Reema! Thank you so much for commenting on my post and for saying you like my outfit. I really appreciate it!

    You can always communicate with my threw comments throughout my blog. Or you can also write me an email at thejoyofdisney (at) hotmail (dot) com

    Hope you are doing well and thanks again for stopping by!


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