Piles and piles of work...

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Jan 11 (2)
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When: Wednesday January 11, 2012

Floral dress: Present from my parents
White collar shirt: Conway (Panama)
Black heels: Present from my friends
Black Xoxo purse: Borrowed from my mom
Floral ring: La Onda (Panama)

Work + Celebrated one of my best friend's birthday

For some reason, I just LOVE today's outfit. I love it, I love it, I love it. I think it's because I thought this floral dress would look boring and matronly on me, and yet I think I managed to make it look young and fun!
Jan 11 (7)
Since I took a week and a half vacation to go to the beach and to the mountain side with my family, I came back to piles and piles of work! My desk (which is usually impeccably clear and clean... (hello neat freak!)) had 4-5 laaaaarge piles of papers and folders. It's pretty frustrating to know that you are so incredibly behind, but I'm just working as quick as I can. I'm sure I'll catch up.... someday..... hehe.

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  1. it's the perfect shade of green with your eyes!

  2. u look nice. im n luv with ur lipstick its FABULOUS !

  3. Oooh, I think that dress is so pretty! I love how you layered it over the collared shirt.   The only bad thing about vacations is the mess you come back to! lol I'm going on a cruise in a few weeks. I'm looking forward to it, but not to the mess that will be waiting for me when I get back! lol

  4. You look great! Love the dress :)

  5. I love your dress! The print is lovely and the color looks amazing with your eyes and hair! -Dreama

  6. Marie, I love your outfit too! Green looks amazing on you. Oh who am I kidding-- you look gorgeous in any color! and I super love the closeup pic of you and your gorgeous eyes! your makeup is impeccable!

  7. Hi beautiful! tnks a lot for ur lovely comment! u look fab in this photos! 

    Follow u! Follow back? ^-^

    xx from 


  8. Love that dress and lime green is so IN right now!


  9. Love your dress and ring! You look gorgeous! <3<3


  10. You totally pulled the dress off !
    It looks really nice and I love the touch of pink with the ring :)

  11. I love the print on the skirt.

  12. You're so pretty! That green looks great on you!

    xo Jennifer


  13. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm having so much fun reading yours, and am following now. You have a great sense of style and I adore all of the bright colors that you wear. I'm so excited to visit Panama in a few weeks and will definitely email you for tips as we nail down our itinerary.

    Good luck getting through that pile of work! Sounds like your family vacation was amazing :)

  14. Very nicely done Marie.  I think the dress has a fantastic pattern!  Nice to see you stop by Kim's blog :) I love her writing and am extremely envious she's getting to go on Vacation..to Panama of course!

  15. No, not matronly at all. the white shirt makes it so crisp and fresh! Hope you get some space cleared soon. That always makes me feel out of sorts to have too many piles...

  16. wow!! Just gorgeous..BTW, thanks for the idea of pairing a button down white shirt with a feminine sheath!! Loving the whole look here! You look gorgeous!


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