Professional Thursday: Lots of the same

Nov 18 (1)
Nov 18 (2)
Nov 18 (3)
Nov 18 (4)
Nov 18 (5)
Nov 18 (6)
Nov 18 (7)

When: Thursday November 18, 2010

Striped collar shirt: Conway (Panama)
Patterned skirt: Stevens (Panama)
Purple cardi: ? (Panama)
Black belt: Christmas present from my parents
Black tights: TJ Maxx
Black booties: Payless Shoe Source
Black Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Maxx

Where: Went to work and did some major online shopping... so much fun!

Since I gave about half of my wardrobe to my brother in Orlando to take to Panama, I have a very limited selection of clothes to make outfits with. So, yes, I am wearing the same skirt I wore a week or so ago. I can't help it if this skirt is fun, cute, and inspires me to make outfits :) At least I tried to keep things fresh by doing some subtle pattern mixing of the striped shirt with the circle patterned skirt.
Nov 18 (8)
I guess the next couple of weeks will be a challenge for me to remix the same items several times. Ok, ok, I don't have that little of a selection (I admit I'm overreacting); but it's still a lot less than I am used to. Well, I guess I'm up to the challenge if you are! Expect lot's of remixes of the same items in the next couple of weeks!

Do you have a limited amount of clothes to work with or is your closet a dream come true?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this patterned skirt:
11 Nov 18
11 Nov 18 (2)

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  1. I love this outfit. I think purples are my favorite on you. They really make your hair stand out. Goodness you're adorable.

  2. Cute outfit! The cardigan is very cute :)
    I have a limited amount of clothing to work with - I am in the process of fixing that. Slowly building up my wardrobe...

  3. What a pretty work outfit! I'm going through a phase now where I'm changing styles (you know me, always reinventing myself every month!! jajaja).. this outfit looks a lot like what I'm aiming for.. I just love your cardi, and the printed skirt makes the outfit lively.. the striped button shirt makes me see that you can combine different patterns together and that it looks good.. thanks for the inspiration as always!



  4. mmmm, pretty! Please remix this alot! I have alot in my closet which it seems can sometimes stifle creativity ... forcing myself to be creative with one item has broadened my horizons for sure. Not that yours need broadening, just saying for me ... :) I like the longer cardi belted ... This is a shape I will have to try!

  5. Love this outfit and that skirt!! This is the perfect work outfit!

    Sarah at Classroomchic


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