Rarely feeling blue

April 04 (1)
April 04 (2)
April 04 (3)
April 04 (4)
April 04 (5)
April 04 (6)

When: Tuesday April 05, 2011

Turquoise striped top: H&M
Light blue skirt: Stevens (Panama)
Gray pumps: Payless Shoe Source
Patterned bag: Christmas present from my parents
Heart bracelet: Present from my grandmother (Originally from Felix. B. Maduro in Panama)

Work + Organizing some files on my computer

As you all may have noticed by now, I am a very happy, bright, and positive person. I usually wake up every morning very motivated and convinced that I am going to have a great day. Today is no exception, so don't let the all-blue outfit full you into thinking I'm feeling blue... hehe (Cheesy, I know... I couldn't help joking about that).
April 04 (7)
Some people have asked me how I manage to always be so happy. It's as simple as asking yourself: "Why shouldn't I be happy?". The world is filled with SO many beautiful things that most of us take for granted. Simple things like waking up to the sound of birds outside my window or listening to a song I really like on the radio, really make me feel pretty happy. Of course, the REAL reason I am happy is because I am blessed with a loving family, loyal friends, and a wonderful boyfriend... Why shouldn't I be happy right?

Are you a positive person? Why or why not?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this turquoise striped top:
04 April 05

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  1. Cute outfit! And I agree why waist your life not being happy. Life is too short, be happy! :)

  2. Love,love,love the entire outfit!!!Amazing color and adorable skirt!

  3. Whoaaaa that cake looks insanely delicious! And you are a vision in aqua!


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