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When: Friday April 01, 2011

White collar shirt: Conway (Panama)
Jean jacket: Saks (Panama)
Patterned skirt: Stevens (Panama)
Purple wedges: Stevens (Panama)
Purple purse: Present from my parents

Work + Greeted my boyfriend who arrived from a business trip... Yippie!

Today I was feeling blue because I cheated on my diet last night and gained 3 pounds in one day! I know, I know, I shouldn't cheat... I couldn't help it though! Anyway, that made me feel pretty down today. So my mom, being the thoughtful person she is, decided to surprise me with flowers to make me feel happy.
April 01 (10)

She knows how much I love having colorful flowers in my room. It really cheers me up! So she put a bouquet of flowers on each of my two nightstands... Isn't she the sweetest ever?! Thanks mom!
April 01 (8)
April 01 (9)

Another thing that makes me feel happy is this monkey decoration. My brother Michael (who lives in Spain) gave it to me, so I always remember him when I see it. This little trinket also reminds me of my boyfriend because we call each other monkeys. Plus, it's just so darn cute! It's funny how one little thing can bring so many positive feelings.
April 01 (11)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this patterned skirt:
04 April 01 (1)
04 April 01 (2)

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  1. Adorable skirt! You will loose those three pounds in no time. ;)

  2. I really like this bright happy outfit, hopefully the flowers works in cheering you up! Those three pounds will be gone before you know it :)

  3. this purple skirt is absolutely gorgeous and i love how you added all sorts of purple hues in today's outfit. and those monkeys are the cutest!

    cute & little

  4. Its so nice to see how we can all make a difference in each other's lives. I'm happy to see how little things chear you up. That is a huge advantage to have in life. Great going

  5. I ADORE that denim blazer. You look great!

    Don't beat yourself up about "cheating". It's not cheating. It's allowing yourself a splurge and that's OKAY. You can't deny yourself everything forever. Besides, those three pounds could be a gain in muscle, which is a good thing, or just water weight which doesn't even matter. Don't worry about it. :)

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