Trying to dress casual

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When: Friday April 08, 2011

Lace dress: Forever XXI
Jeans: H&M
Polka dot blazer: Forever XXI
Beige booties: From this seller on eBay
Red purse: Borrowed from my mom
Necklace: Street vendor in NYC

Work + Spent some time with my boyfriend just watching movies and talking.

As I mentioned last Saturday, I have the hardest time trying to dress casual to work on Friday's and Saturdays. You would think that dressing casual is so easy, but it just doesn't come so naturally to me!
April 08 (8)
So today I put some effort into looking casual. I feel that the jeans really help make me look more casual and comfy. But I kept the rest of the outfit more dressed up (I just cant help it). I have always really loved this polka dot blazer, it made smile all day long.

Have any tips for me on how to dress casual for work?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this polka dot blazer:
04 April 08

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  1. I would wear a pair of city shorts, a blouse, and flats to work for a casual outfit. You could always wear a pair of casual pants as well.

    cute outfit! :)

  2. I actually have the opposite problem--I'm much better with casual outfits than dressy ones. Dressing up for church on Sunday tends to be a challenge more often than not.

    And as always, I love the polka dot blazer. :)

  3. If they want you to be really casual at work, try not wearing a blazer or heels. But, I think it was nice attempt!

  4. You look beautiful as usual :D I love your attempt at casual - it suits you just as much as dressing for work!

    I really love the lace dress .. and I have a similar red handbag to that! :D

    Sal xXx


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