Stack 'Em Up

April 09 (1)
April 09 (2)
April 09 (3)
April 09 (4)

When: Saturday April 09, 2011

Plaid top: Birthday present from my parents
White skirt: Christmas present from my parents
Brown belt: Forever XXI
Beige Steve Madden wedges: Saks (Panama)
Beige purse: Borrowed from my mom

Work for half a day + A really fun polo event with my boyfriend and his family

I felt so fresh and happy in today's outfit! I went a little more boho-chic with the brown accessories and the braid in my hair. I love how all of these bracelets look stacked together.
April 09 (5)
Although all these bracelets are very different, I feel that they go well with each other, so I just kept stacking them up my arm. I ended up with a whole lot didn't I? My mom kept pointing out that she could hear me coming from a mile away with the clackity clack of my bracelets... hehe

Do you ever stack bracelets up your arm or is that not your style? Do you pair bracelets that are very different to each other or do you have some sort of rule you follow?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this plaid top:
04 April 09 (1)
04 April 09 (2)

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  1. This plaid top is gorgeous! I love it so much!!

  2. The accessories here are just stealing the show! I love the bag and belt and bangles!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Love the shirt! You look very country here. :)

  4. I rarely wear bracelets because they get in the way of all the typing I have to do at work but, those are lovely!

  5. You look gorgeous Marie! I love your plaid top.

  6. I like this top with the feminine eyelet. It's a bit different than what you usually wear (the top!) so it's fun to see what you did with it. I think I like it this way the best of the ways you've worn it.

  7. I love love love bangles! I like to stack them on the my arm with colors that match my outfit. I just love how you can wear button-up tops. I have a lot of problems with them because I'm very busty, so I don't get to wear them much, it makes me really sad!

  8. i'm just cruising through some of your older posts and saw this one! great outfit and great way to use that top for multiple outfit opportunities!


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