Featured on: Sidewalk Chic

Featured on - Sidewalk Chic
JoAnn from Sidewalk Chic had the wonderful idea of asking all of her readers to send her their favorite photo of all time. Then she posted all of them for everyone to see. I really liked this idea and decided to participate! So if you want to see one of my favorite pictures ever and why it is important to me, just click here.

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  1. i went to sidewalk chic, of course to see you, but to find you had to go page down several times, but along the way enjoyed each persons favorite fotos. With all your pretty pics I couldnt imagine which you would chose your best. to my surprise and appreciation I saw your favorite, rather than of you, was of the 3 of us and with such a kind meaningful dedication. Very original and honest response to asking for your favorite picture. you really are wonderful Wonnie. dad


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