{Outfit}: Ariana Grande Inspired

Loving this Galaxy Dress and sneaker wedge combo
Super cute sparkly blue sneaker wedges!

Friday February 12, 2016

Hi guys! Today I was feeling kind of galactic and decided to put together this awesome futuristic look. As I was staring at myself in the mirror with my space printed dress and funky sparkly shoes; I realised that my outfit looked kind of like Ariana Grande's music video One Last Time... am I right?! So what better way to finish the look, I thought, than doing a classic Ariana Grande half ponytail hairstyle. I'm really loving how it pulls the entire look together.

Hope your day is out of this world!!

-- En Español -- Hola chicos! Hoy desperté en un humor galáctico y decidí armar este look futurista. Mientras que me veía en el espejo con mi vestido de galaxia y zapatos escarchados, me di cuenta que mi look se parece al video musical One Last Time de Ariana Grande... no les parece?! Entonces pensé, que la mejor forma de terminar mi look sería con el peinado clásico de Ariana de media colita. Me encanta como este peinado le da ese toque final que le hacía falta al este outfit moderno y futurístico.

Espero que sus días sean fuera de este mundo!!

Wearing Ariana Grande's signature half updo
Loving this cool galaxy dress
Loving this cool galaxy dress
{Dress/Vestido: Used to be my sisters/Solía ser de mi hermana  ;  Shoes/Zapatos: Charlotte Russe (USA)  ;  Bag/Bolsa: Saks (Panama)  ;  Necklace and Earrings/Collar y Aretes: Forever21  ;  Ring/Anillo: Pasarela (Panama)}

Photos by/Fotos por: Vanessa Richani
Marie McGrath, Panama Fashion Blogger

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