{Beauty}: 4th of July Nails Tutorial

4th of July Nails Tutorial

Hello everyone! As many of you know, this week we celebrate the 4th of July (for all my North-American readers) and what better way to celebrate than getting these adorable patriotic nails?! They are very simple to do and are the perfect touch to any outfit you wear on this special day. 

For this project you will need:
  • White, Red and blue Nail Polish
  • A Nail art pen (find them here!) or a bobby pin would work too ;)
  • Tape and scissors

---En Español - Hola todos! Como muchos de ustedes seguro saben, esta semana se celebra el 4 de julio (en los Estados Unidos) y que mejor manera de celebrarlo que haciéndose estas uñas patrióticas?! Son muy fáciles de hacer y son el toque perfecto a cualquier outfit que te pongas en este día especial. 

Para este proyecto vas a necesitar:
  • Esmalte de uñas blanco, rojo y azul
  • Pluma para decorar uñas (encuéntralos aquí!) o también pueden usar un "bobby pin" de cabello
  • Tape y tijeras

Fourth of July Nails, Americana Fashion
Patriotic Fashion, 4th of July Outfit

To get this cute mani, all you need to do is 
follow 6 easy steps:

  1. Paint some of your nails blue, others white, and others red. Combine them any way you want!
  2. Dip the tip of a nail art pen (or a the end of a bobby pin) into white nail polish. 
  3. Use this to apply white polka dots to all the blue nails.
  4. To get the striped nails, start by cutting two thin strips of tape and applying them horizontally on a nail painted with red nail polish.
  5. Apply a coat of white nail polish on your nail covering the tape and non-taped areas. Let it try a bit, maybe 5 minutes or so.
  6. Then carefully remove the tape from your finger.

All done!!

Para hacerte este manicure divertido, solo necesitas seguir 6 pasos:

  1. Pinta algunas uñas de azul, otros de rojo, y otros de blanco. Combínalos cómo quieras! 
  2. Sumerge la punta de la pluma de uñas (o del bobby pin de cabello) en esmalte blanco. 
  3. Luego aplica puntos blancos a las uñas azules que quieras decorar. 
  4. Para las uñas de rayas, empieza cortando dos tiras de tape delgaditas y aplícalos a tus uñas rojas en forma horizontal como se ve en la foto.
  5. Aplica una capa de esmalte de uñas blanco cubriendo toda la uña (cubriendo los áreas con y sin tape). Déjalo secar un poco, como 5 minutos más o menos.
  6. Remueve con cuidado el tape de tus uña.
Listo, ya terminastes!!

Patriotic Nails, 4th of July Nails

These cute nails are simply perfect for the 4th of July, don't you think?! Try leaving some of your nails simple in red, or white, or blue like I did to keep the look fun and playful. These nails would also be perfect for anyone who is rooting for USA at the World Cup. Hope you all enjoyed this nail tutorial and have a happy 4th of July! 

Estas uñas adorables son perfectas para el 4 de Julio, no les parece?! Puedes dejar algunas uñas sencillas en blanco, rojo, o azul como lo hice yo para conseguir una combinación divertida e inesperada. Estas uñas también serían perfectas para los que estén apoyando a los Estados Unidos para el mundial. Espero que hayan disfrutado de este tutorial y que tengan un excelente 4 de Julio! 

4th of July Fashion


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  1. Awesome DIY! I did an US nail art once and posted a picture on my Twitter, I really enjoy it! =D



  2. Great post and nails. xa


  3. Cute nails and very pretty make-up.

  4. Nicely done ! I love doing my nails in funky unusual ways, i just have to plan around them to make sure I am not visiting any customers that week.

  5. Thank you Priya!! I hope you have an amazing weekend in Memphis with your best friend!!

  6. Thank you so much Jess!! Glad to hear you like to do some fun nail art as well!

  7. Thanks Lorena!! You are the QUEEN of funky nails!! I looooove how you keep trying new designs all the time!

  8. I'm headed to Memphis, TN to spend the 4th weekend with one of my best friends! I would love to do a festive mani like this (and I've been brainstorming a festive outfit as well :) hopefully I have time before I go to do it!! Yours look great.

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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