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Hi guys! It is no secret that I absolutely LOVE the pattern mixing trend... don't you?! The best part is that even though this trend has been going on for a while now, it seems like it isn't going away any time soon this 2014. If you are completely clueless on how to mix patterns, here are 5 ways to get the look!

-- En Español -- Hola chicos! No es ningún secreto que me encanta la tendencia de combinar estampados... a ustedes no?! Aunque esto ha estado de moda desde hace buen rato, de igual forma sigue siendo una de las tendencias del 2014. Si estás completamente confundida de cómo combinar estampados, aquí les muestro 5 formas diferentes de cómo lucir esta tendencia!

1. Black and White patterns always go together:
The easiest way to mix patterns is to choose any two patterns that are black and white! Stripes with polka dots? Yup! Florals with Stripes? Yup! Feel free to try any combination you like as long as it is black and white ;) (omg that rhymes! haha)

1. Estampados en blanco y negro siempre combinan juntos:
La forma más fácil de combinar estampados es escoger dos estampados que sean blanco y negro! Rayas con lunares? Perfecto! Floral con rayas? Claro que sí! No tengas miedo de intentar cualquiera combinación que quieras con tal que sea todo en blanco y negro.

2. Mix patterns with similar colors:
Another option similar to mixing black and white patterns is to choose two patterns with the same (or similar) colors. Your safest bet is if the colors are exactly the same; but you can also try mixing in one more color (like the blue and maroon outfit below).

2. Combinar estampados en colores similares: 
Otra opción similar a la de combinar estampados en blanco y negro es elegir dos estampados con los mismos (o similares) colores. Tu apuesta más segura es si los colores son exactamente los mismos; pero también puedes tratar de agregar un color más si lo deseas (como el outfit de abajo en azul y rojo vino).

3. Patterned Shoes make it easy!
Another quick and easy option is to incorporate a second pattern by wearing some bold patterned shoes! The good thing about this option is that the patterns are far apart from each other (rather than a shirt and a skirt, for example, that are close together) which makes this pattern mix a little more subtle. This is actually my favorite way of mixing patterns ;)

3. Zapatos estampados lo hace aun más fácil! 
Otra opción rápida y fácil para incorporar un segundo estampado a tu look es usando unos zapatos que tengan un diseño divertido! Lo bueno de esta opción es que los estampados están muy separados el uno del otro (donde, por ejemplo, usar una camisa y falda tendría los estampados pegaditos juntos) lo cual hace que esta combinación de estampados sea un poco más sutil. Para ser honesta, esto suele ser mi forma favorita de usar esta tendencia ;)

4. Stripes go with everything:
Another tip to keep in mind is that stripes tend to look good with pretty much any other pattern. You can pair it with other geometrical shapes like polka dots, squares, or even more stripes; or try pairing it with a more interesting pattern like florals or ethnic prints. Either way it looks fantastic!

4. Rayas combinan con todo: 
Otro "tip"  que deben tener en cuenta es que las rayas tienden a combinar muy bien con cualquier otro estampado. Puedes mezclarlo con otras formas geométricas como lunares, cuadros, o incluso más rayas; o probar un estampado más interesante como flores o estampados étnicos. De cualquier manera se ve fantástico!

5. Experiment and have fun!
Last but not least, don't be afraid to try out some unexpected pattern combinations! Some of the pattern mixes of my below outfits are pretty bold, but I really love them all the same. Sometimes the most unexpected of pattern mixes can turn out the coolest (like in the below outfit where I mix polka dots with a Woodstock tee!)

5. A experimentar y divertirse! 
Por último, pero no menos importante, no tengas miedo de probar alguna combinación inesperada de estampados! Algunas de las mezclas de estampados de mis looks de abajo son muy alocados, pero en realidad me encantan. A veces, la combinación más inesperada de estampados puede resultar la más chevere (como en mi look de abajo donde mezclo lunares con un top con estampado de Woodstock de Snoopy!).

And there you have it everyone! I hope you have all enjoyed these tips on how to wear the pattern mixing trend. How would you mix patterns? I would love to hear your ideas, please share!

Y con eso finalizamos! Espero que todos ustedes hayan disfrutado de estos "tips" de cómo lucir la tendencia de mezclar estampados. Cómo te pondrías tú esta tendencia? Me encantaría escuchar tus ideas, no dudes en compartirlas!


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  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Hope you you'll pass by more often :)

    xo. TDVR

  2. so many nice outfits!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

  3. Its funny how before I would shy away from the trend - now I could care less ! I've even done 3 patterns in one ouffit and kind of thought it looked crazy but then i reassured myself thinking: nobody will have my exact same outfit-

  4. I love this post so much! I used to be so shy to mixing patterns, but it can look awesome when done right, like you.

    I'm loving your advice about the stripes, and the black and brown outfit that's pictured.

    Keep it up, grrl!

  5. I can definitely take the "experiment and have fun" advice seriously from you, because you seem to always have fun with your outfits, especially pattern mixing! I've seen probably the most unique pattern mixing outfits on your blog. I love, love the outfit with the black & orange stripey top and printed pants. But I enjoyed seeing all the different ways you've tried this trend!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  6. Lovely Pairings! I definitely took notes.



  7. You are a mix master! I do love to have fun with pattern mixing and agree with your tips!


  8. Thank you so much Alice!! I really appreciate it. And I'm glad to hear you like mixing patterns as well ;)

  9. Oooohhh Priya, could you possibly be any sweeter to me?!?!? I think not! hehe. You always say such nice things to me, thank you SO much!!

  10. Thank you so much Kate!! I hope these tips help you give pattern mixing a try, I bet you would look amazing ;)

  11. hahahah I'm glad you like this trend so much as well Lorena!! I have worn three patterns together as well, it is so much fun! And like you said, nobody will have the same outfit so that's pretty cool too ;)

  12. I love this post, friend! You always mix prints SO well. You're so pro. Thanks for all these tip They're great!xo Ashley

  13. I have wanted to get on this trend, but I've had a difficult time figuring out what goes together. This definitely helped (:

  14. So lovely combinations <3


  15. Love this! You know how to mix prints! :) You made some great outfits!

  16. great post and gorgeus outfits!!!


  17. i love your sense of style, marie! each of these outfits look snazzy and i like each and every pairing!

  18. Thank you so much Ashley!! I really appreciate it!

  19. Wao, that makes me SO happy to hear Amber!! I would be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have. Feel free to shoot me an email anytime. Thank you!

  20. Thank you Jess!! Glad to hear you are a big fan of this trend too!

  21. I really love this! Such cute colourful outfits. I didn't realise that it's possible to mix patterns like that. Thanks for the tips


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