{Travel}: Casual Summer Romper Outfit

Friday August 24, 2014

Hi guys! This is what I wore for the first day of my lovely weekend getaway in Pedasí, a town on Panama's Pacific coast about 5 hours away from the city. I wanted to wear something comfy but also appropriate for the summer beach location, so I went with this adorable parrot print romper I bought from Forever21.com. I just love love love the quirky print!

-- En Español -- Hola chicos! Esto es lo que me puse para el primer día de mi fin de semana maravilloso en Pedasí, un pueblo en la costa Pacífico de Panamá como a 5 horas en carro de la ciudad. Quería ponerme algo que fuera muy cómodo pero a la vez perfecto para la playa, así que decidí ponerme este "romper" con un estampado adorable de loros que me compré en Forever21.com. Me encantaaaaaa el estampado muy peculiar y divertido que tiene!

{Romper/Enteriso: Forever21.com  ;  Bracelets/Pulseras: Annie Chajin (Panama)  ;  Steve Madden shoes/Zapatos: Somewhere in Orlando, USA}

We decided to stay in a beautiful hotel called Villa Camilla. I really really liked this hotel, especially the amazing view from the rooms. I could just walk out of the porch of my room and instantly hit the beach, doesn't get much better than that huh?!

Decidimos hospedarnos en un hermoso hotel llamado Villa Camilla. Me gustó muchísimo este hotel, especialmente por la vista espectacular que tenía desde todas las habitaciones. Con tan solo caminar afuera de la entrada de mi habitación, ya me encontraba inmediatamente con la playa... de verdad que fue maravilloso!

Stay tuned to see more photos of our fun weekend in Pedasí!

Quédense en sintonía para ver más fotos de nuestro fin de semana divertido en Pedasí!

Get the look: /Cómprate el look:


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  1. Such a cute summer outfit! It looks like you had a lovely weekend, what an amazing location! Hope you had tons of fun, Marie! :) xx

  2. You look super adorable in your romper! I will have to check out Forever21. Looks like nice place to vacation :)

  3. Such a cute outfit for the beach! The print is adorable on the romper!
    I haven't ventured into the romper territory because I have a fear that when I wear it, I will end up having to "go" really bad and not having enough time to take the thing off! hahahaha

  4. That is such a cute outfit! Such a summery print! :)

    Really like the beach photos too - it looks fantastic! I hope you enjoy your trip!

    Away From Blue

  5. That's pretty fantastic to be that close to the beach--and you look so cute in your summery romper! Rompers are such a difficult thing for me to pull off, but whenever you wear one and look so cute, you always give me hope. :'))

  6. Thank you Jody!!! We did have such a wonderful time. It was amazing to actually take time off to relax :)

  7. Thank you so much Jamie!!! I'm a huuuuge fan of Forever 21 (obviously, since almost everything I wear is from there, hahaha). I think that you can find amazing pieces there if you know how to look :)

  8. Hahahahahhahahahahahahhaa love your sense of humor Heidi!! I totally know what you mean though, that was also one of my concerns. It definitely is a little annoying every time you go to the bathroom, but I couldn't resist just how cute it looks!

  9. Thank you so much Ali!!! I didn't think I could pull them off either, but after trying several on I found a couple that work well with my body shape. I'm sure you would look adorable in a romper!!

  10. these place looks amazing! Nice romper too, you look really great in it - I can't wait for the Summer to come to London!



  11. I saw someone wearing this exact romper once at the restaurant I worked at, and loved it!! I even searched long and hard to find it on the F21 website. It is soooo adorable! The pictures from your trip are beautiful! I'm so jealous that you can take a weekend trip to such a beautiful place!

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA

  12. Thank you!!! I wish you a warm and happy Summer in London!

  13. Thank you Priya!! Waaaoo, what a coincidence!!! I always take so long to wear my new pieces that by the time I wear them and post it on my blog, the piece is no longer available. Bleh, bad blogger!! hahaha.


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