{Outfit}: Mi idea of a perfect Sunday

Sunday February 16, 2014

Oh how I love Sundays! I know I say it all the time, but I really do enjoy all the relaxing things I usually do on Sundays. But before we get to that, lets take a look at today's adorable outfit shall we? This Minnie and Mickey Mouse dress is sooooo cute (and inexpensive!), it kept me smiling all day long. Plus it is super duper comfy! Oh why yes, that is indeed scottish terrier dogs on my shoes... that's right, simply adorable!

-- En Español -- Oh cómo amo los Domingos! Sé que lo menciono a menudo, pero la verdad es que disfruto mucho todas las cosas relajantes que suelo hacer los Domingos. Pero antes de llegar a eso, vamos a echar un vistazo al outfit adorable de hoy de acuerdo? Este vestido de Minnie y Mickey Mouse es taaaaan lindo (y barato!), que me mantuvo sonriendo todo el día. Además, es muy suave y cómoda! También quiero resaltar que mis zapatos tienen un estampado de perritos "scottish terrier"... simplemente adorable no?!

{Dress/Vestido: Walmart (USA)  ;  Shorts: Forever21.com  ;  Shoes/Zapatos: Forever21.com  ;  Bag/Cartera: Saks (Panama)}

Ok, so lets get down to what I did today to make my Sunday so lovely. I started off by having a delicious Chinese breakfast date with Alejo (nom nom). Then we spent some time playing with Molly, my brother's adorable puppy (fun fun!). Next we hit the mall to do a little shopping (Yippie!) and have a delicious lunch. Last but not least, we drove around the city enjoying the summer breeze (so relaxing!). That, ladies and gentleman, is the perfect Sunday in my book ;)

Ok, ahora sí hablemos de porqué mi Domingo fue tan maravilloso. Comencé el día con un delicioso desayuno chino con Alejo (nom nom). Luego pasamos un rato jugando con Molly, el perrito adorable de mi hermano (muy divertido!). Después fuimos al mall a comprar unas cosas (Weee!) y disfrutar de un delicioso almuerzo. Finalmente terminamos el día paseando por la ciudad en carro disfrutando de la brisa de verano (super relajante!). Eso, señoras y señores, es el Domingo perfecto en mi opinión :)

What do you like to do on Sundays? 

Y a ustedes qué les gusta hacer los Domingos?


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  1. Aww, Molly is too cute! Such an adorable puppy!

    I really like your fun t-shirt dress too, nice casual outfit for a relaxing Sunday :)

    Away From Blue

  2. That dress is soo cute. Nice pics and you look great. Have a nice weekend.


  3. aww I love when you share pics of Molly! Fred loves to have his belly rubbed too. :)
    Such a cute dress- very you!
    hmmm depends on the time of year on what I want to do on Sundays. If it's the summer/spring time I love to go to the beach or park on Sundays. If it's the winter, usually shopping is what I like to do. :)

  4. That is such a cute dress. I love how you accessorized it, perfect for Sunday!


  5. Such a cool outfit, I really like how well you styled it! Amazing pictures! =D



  6. I am in love with those shoes!!! And you can never go wrong with Dim Sum - I grew up eating it so its's always has a special place in my heart (tummy too).


  7. Ahhh, how cute is that Minnie Mouse dress?! I love it and it looks great on you, Marie! Perfect for a fun Sunday, which is what yours definitely sounds like :) The food looks so yummy! I'm glad to hear you and Alejo had such a nice day together! :) xx

  8. That sounds like a pretty perfect sunday to me, Marie! I just love that first picture of you with the car. I think that dress is just perfect on you! Way cuuuute. :D :D

    I'm usually at home for the weekend, so Sundays are spent with the family relaxing. I like a long morning bike ride, drawing or painting, a nice family lunch, and possibly some studying, ahaha!

  9. Thank you Ali, I really appreciate all of your kind comments!! That sounds like a lovely way to spend Sundays as well. Some Sundays I prefer just chilling out at home in my PJ's watching Disney movies and taking naps with my cat ;)

  10. Thank you so much Jody!!! You know me and my Disney obsession, so I just couldn't resist buying this dress when I saw it at Walmart during our trip to Disneyworld last year. I also got this dress in black with Mickey Mouse on it, can't wait to wear that one too!

  11. Hahaha thanks Lorena!!! The fact that it is Disney makes this dress an instant winner in my book. I can't resist Disney things ;)

  12. Thank you so much!! I felt so happy in this Disney dress, it really makes me smile :)

  13. Thank you Heidi!! Hahahaha how cute that Fred enjoys his belly rubs as well, lol. Those sound like great Sunday plans to me!

  14. Thank you so much Mica!! Molly is indeed such a cutie, I can't resist sharing photos of her all over the place!!

  15. Hahahahahahaha I bet you do JB! This would definitely look awesome on you :)

  16. Laughed so hard at Molly's photo. That's a funny face :D


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